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Reddit Removed Subreddit Dedicated To Tracking Hate Crime Hoaxes, Accused Of Promoting ‘Hate’

An archived version of the page from July 2 indicates the subreddit was banned June 30, the same day Reddit blocked “The_Donald” subreddit as the platform began enforcing its recent rules against promoting hate. subreddit where users post about alleged hate crime hoaxes, r/hoaxhatecrimes, has 2,800 members and is still live.Reddit has not yet responded to the Daily Caller News ...

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Reddit’s Policy Against Hate Speech Does Not Protect People ‘Who Are In The Majority’

Reddit’s new rules governing hate speech on the social media platform apparently do not protect people who belong to groups that are in the “majority.” The website laid out people the rule is intended to protect, including groups based on their race or color, religion, national origin, gender, identity, and sexual orientation, among others. Victims of “a major violent event” ...

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Reddit Bans Influential Pro-Trump Subreddit, Citing Repeated Policy Violations

Reddit banned a subreddit devoted to President Donald Trump Monday, citing what the company said was the influential subreddit’s repeated policy violations. More than 790,0000 Reddit accounts used the subreddit, called “The_Donald,” to post memes and viral videos expressing support for the president. A Reddit executive told reporters that the group’s decision to allow people to target and harass other ...

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Reddit Co-Founder Quits Board, Requests Black Replacement

Alexis Ohanian resigned from Reddit’s board on Friday, saying that he wanted to be replaced by a black candidate. Ohanian, who founded the popular news aggregation and forum site in 2005, posted a video on Twitter explaining his decision to step down. “I’m doing this for me, my family, and for my country,” Ohanian says. pic.twitter.com/k8Xkj15uaN — Alexis Ohanian Sr. ...

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Twitter, Reddit Fight State Dept’s Order Requiring Visa Applicants To Detail Their Social Media Handles

Twitter and Reddit filed an amicus brief last week in support of a lawsuit challenging federal rules requiring visa applicants to register their social media handles with the United States government. The amicus brief supports a lawsuit the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University filed in 2019 after the State Department instituted the rule, which reportedly impacts roughly 14.7 million ...

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