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CNN Cuts Off Critic of Leftist San Juan Mayor During Interview

Anti-Trump cable propaganda network CNN has a lot riding on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico. The left has in no uncertain terms stated that they are going to make this into “Trump’s Katrina” in order to exploit resentment from those fleeing the island into Florida for political gain. This is why the self-proclaimed “most trusted name ...

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Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Problem Is Corruption Not Trump

The liberal media is trying to use Hurricane Maria as Trump’s “Katrina”, but it isn’t working out too well. They’re desperately making the case that Trump has “abandoned” Puerto Rico, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. President Trump is doing much more than any other President yet the news (and they know the truth) constantly crap on him. The ...

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Puerto Rican Police Officer: San Juan Mayor not allowing distribution of aid supplies

Puerto Rico police officer outs Mayor carmen cruz

A female Puerto Rican police officer called into a New York City Hispanic radio station to tell people the truth about San Juan’s Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz. “The Mayor, Carmen Yulin, is not allowing anyone to distribute [aid supplies],” the unidentified police officer told hosts on Mega 97.9 in New York. “I need to pass this information out because the stuff ...

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San Juan Mayor that Criticized Relief Efforts Doesn’t Show Up for FEMA Planning Sessions

Mayor Carmen Cruz San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan’s Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, who spends a lot of time in front of television cameras, can’t be bothered to show up for emergency planning meetings that are held in her own city. During a press conference Friday, Cruz attacked the Trump administration’s response to the hurricane’s destruction. “We are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency and ...

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San Juan Mayor Sports ‘Help Us We Are Dying’ T-Shirt for Anti-Trump CNN Interview

Democrats have homed in on hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico as this week’s front lines in their endless war on President Donald Trump. The U.S. territory was busted back to the Stone Age by Hurricane Maria and Democrat surrogates in the media have already expressed that they want to turn it into “Trump’s Katrina” in their relentless quest to damage a new ...

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Progressive Mayor of San Juan and Media Turn Recovery Effort Political Local Resident Disagrees

Mayor Carmen Cruz

The liberal mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Cruz, this week turned the massive recovery effort in her state into a political opportunity. Cruz said on Friday that she wanted to “make sure somebody is in charge that is up to the task of saving lives” after FEMA asked her to list her priorities so that they could properly ...

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President Trump Delivers Weekly Address 9/29/17 [Video and Transcript]

Donald Trump weekly presidential address 9-29-17

President Donald Trump delivers his weekly address to the nation in which he highlights the recovery effort in Puerto Rico and his tax reform initiative. Full Transcript of President Donald Trump’s weekly address 9/25/17 My Fellow Americans, All American hearts are united with the people of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands who have faced terrible devastation in the wake ...

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Trump waives Jones Act – Here’s why it won’t matter

Cargo containers sitting on San Juan docks

President Donald Trump on Thursday waived shipping regulations for ships bound for Puerto Rico after political pressure forced his hand. It won’t help. Upwards of 10,000 containers and semi-trailers are stacked at the port in San Juan, Puerto Rico that contain food, water, medical supplies and other needed goods. But because many roads are impassable and there is a shortage ...

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McCain Wrong (again): Jones Act Suspension Won’t Help Puerto Rico

John McCain strange questions to Comey

Senator John McCain sent a letter to the Trump administration asking DHS to waive the Jones Act as a way to curb the fuel crisis in Puerto Rico. Once again, he’s wrong. Puerto Ricans are struggling to get fuel to run generators and automobiles and eight Senators had requested that DHS suspend the shipping rules. When the administration rejected their ...

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Trump to visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday

PUerto Rico SOS

President Donald Trump told reporters Tuesday morning that he will visit the devastated U.S. territory of Puerto Rico next Tuesday. The president, speaking just before a briefing on Hurricane recovery efforts, said that he will visit Puerto Rico and perhaps the U.S. Virgin Islands next week to inspect the damage, meet with officials, survivors, and first responders. Trump said that ...

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Hurricane Maria Leaves All of Puerto Rico Without Electricity

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico took a direct hit by the latest monster hurricane on Wednesday when Maria roared ashore as a Category Four force of nature. By the time that Maria moved on, there was total devastation in its wake which is still being assessed as of Thursday as the storm moves on, rapidly regaining strength. All of ...

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Maria, packing 155 MPH winds, makes landfall in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria nears Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria, now a catastrophic category four storm, slammed St. Croix early Wednesday morning and has now officially made landfall on the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico. [email protected] on Hurricane Maria: "This is going to devastate, unfortunately, Puerto Rico." https://t.co/HeBrxZtSJK pic.twitter.com/5yepBqPnFf — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 20, 2017 Current Position and Track Maria moved past St. Croix in the early ...

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Puerto Rico does have a language barrier

Rick Santorum said recently that Puerto Rico should put emphasis on learning English, and he has been criticized for it. I see his critics as either political in nature or as new-jerk political correctness. There are underlying social issues unique of Puerto Rico and political party affiliations there that need to be known before even beginning to make any assumptions. ...

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Did President Obama Learn Anything While in Puerto Rico ?

  President Barack Hussein Obama recently took his 2012 reelection campaign to the island of Puerto Rico in an attempt to corrall the Puerto Rican vote here in the States. The question is did he learn anything while there from the current Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuno. Governor Fortuno was elected in the 2008 elections and recieved over 220,00 votes, ...

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