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The Juice Reportedly Seeks Bunny Ranch Romp with Hooker Resembling Murdered Ex-Wife

Now that the “Juice” is finally loose, he is looking to score some real action how that he no longer has to take matters into his own hands – so to speak. Former NFL superstar running back, actor and suspected murderer Orenthal James Simpson or as he is more famously known – O.J. – is easing his way back into ...

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On a slow news day, nets cover Trump-Russia and OJ

Newsday 7-20-17

On what is admittedly a very slow news day, it’s interesting to see what the cable news networks decided to focus on during the cycle. MSNBC and CNN focused on two angles of the ongoing Trump-Russia collusion thing. While Fox News went hog wild over O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing even using MSNBC footage to discuss the event. While focusing on ...

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O.J. Simpson Stressing that Media Attention Will Sink Parole

Former NFL star and accused murderer O.J. Simpson is on pins and needles over his upcoming hearing before a Nevada parole board. The “Juice” has been serving time for robbery and kidnapping over a fracas that went down over an attempt to steal back his own sports memorabilia and if he can get past the parole board, he will be ...

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The Juice on the Loose? O.J. Simpson May Be a Free Man Soon

Former NFL superstar running back O.J. Simpson may be a free man soon. The one-time sports icon whose life imploded after he was arrested and put on trial for the savage murder of his ex-wife could be released from prison in October if all goes well. Simpson, who was not only a phenomenal running back but also a friendly African-American ...

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