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Leftist Sportswriter Suggests Kaepernick Should File Collusion Suit Against NFL

When the Seattle Seahawks signed the awful Austin Davis to serve as their backup quarterback, the Colin Kaepernick fanboys in the media erupted in outrage. Kaepernick had after all been invited for a tryout by the Seahawks who were thought by many to be the perfect fit for the oppressed multimillionaire due to the far-left demographic of the Emerald City, ...

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ESPN Bringing Back Hank Williams Jr. for Monday Night Football

Beloved country music icon Hank Williams Jr. is returning to Monday Night Football after spending six years in exile. Williams rendition of the intro was a fixture on MNF on both ABC and ESPN from 1989 until 2011 when he ran afoul of the political correctness police. The singer whose nickname is Bocephus, dared to opine that former president Barack ...

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Could Brock Osweiler Be The Savior Of the Cleveland Browns?


The NFL’s Cleveland Browns have nowhere to go but up. Following a monstrously putrid 2016 season during which the Browns set new standards of futility in staggering to a 1-15 record, the team managed to put together a solid draft. The Cleveland brain trust resisted the urge to turn their draft into a dumpster fire by staying put and grabbing ...

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Sorry Dude: Seahawks Pass on Signing Colin Kaepernick

At this point it may be wise for Colin Kaepernick to start thinking about a career change. The Seattle Seahawks have announced that they would pass on signing the radical social justice warrior. The controversial former San Francisco 49ers quarterback now appears to have run out options as far as an NFL job goes. The Seahawks seemed to be the ...

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NFL Owner Admits Fear of Angering Fans a Factor in Not Signing Kaepernick

kaepernick taking a knee

You can expect to hear the liberals at ESPN wailing in outrage as an NFL owner has admitted that his team didn’t even consider signing Colin Kaepernick out of fear of alienating fans. John Mara who is a co-owner of the New York Giants copped to a reporter that the team didn’t even bother with the controversial former 49ers quarterback ...

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Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Gives Pricey New Toys to His Offensive Line

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers made sure to reward the guys who are tasked with keeping him in one piece. The Green Bay Packers superstar gave his offensive linemen a heck of a nice Christmas present and Santa finally delivered this week. Rodgers’ gift of gratitude was a custom green and gold Polaris ATVs with each lineman’s number and initials on the ...

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Smithsonian Institution to Enshrine Controversial Kaepernick

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick may still be jobless but he will soon be enshrined at the Smithsonian Institution. The controversial NFL player became a lightning rod for criticism last season over his protests against the American flag and comments critical of law enforcement. Kaepernick who at the time was in danger of not even making his team, rocketed ...

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Tom Brady Makes Cover of Madden NFL 18 Video Game

Five-time Super Bowl winner and future NFL Hall of Famer Tom Brady will adorn the cover of the enormously popular Madden video game franchise this year. EA Sports which has produced the game since 1998 when the famous former Oakland Raiders coach and broadcasting legend John Madden agreed to have it marketed under his name, announced that Brady would be ...

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Aaron Hernandez Murder Charge Vacated by Massachusetts Judge

Former pro football thug and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez just got a piece of really good news although he wasn’t around to celebrate it. His conviction for the killing of Odin “the Bluntmaster” Lloyd was vacated by a liberal Massachusetts judge after the fallen New England Patriots star tight end committed suicide in prison. Murder conviction of former NFL player ...

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Liberal Media Angst Grows as Colin Kaepernick Remains Unsigned

It is now only a short period of time until NFL offseason workouts and training camps are set to ramp up and Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned. The former San Francisco 49er quarterback simultaneously earned fame and infamy last season when his thumbing of his nose at the flag by refusing to stand for the national anthem. In a year of ...

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Cleveland Browns Won the NFL Draft by Not Blowing It

Hats off to the Cleveland Browns who took a big step towards rebuilding in last week’s NFL draft. The Browns ensured a successful draft by simply not blowing it. Despite rumors that they would use the first overall pick to snag quarterback Mitch Trubisky – a far from sure thing – they stayed put and wisely picked the consensus number ...

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Could ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ Solve Quarterback Woes for Denver Broncos?

The NFL’s Denver Broncos have run into dire straits when it comes to the quarterback spot. Left without a successor after what remained of Peyton Manning retired and replacement in waiting Brock Osweiler threw a snit and left for Houston, the proud franchise has one of the worst quarterback situations in the entire league. Having drafted lanky project Paxton Lynch ...

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Did Bad News Bears Blow It With Mitch Trubiski Trade?

On the opening day of this week’s 2017 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears pulled a stunner by trading a king’s ransom in order to move up one pick. The Bears were desperate to land former North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky and may have been played for chumps by the San Francisco 49ers who scored a huge bounty for swapping places ...

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Tennessee Titans’ Fleecing of Rams Pays Off With #5 Overall Draft Pick

Perhaps the biggest winners of this week’s upcoming NFL draft are the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have two first round picks including the fifth overall spot which was presented to them in a trade so lopsided that it might as well have been grand larceny. Looking to make a big splash in the season that they returned to Los Angeles, ...

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Jacksonville Jaguars Look to Escape from NFL Purgatory

When it comes to sports teams that are trapped in an endless limbo of suckitude there are few better examples than the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have suffered through nearly a decade of uncompetitive play, bad drafting and just plain bad luck while serving as a doormat in the AFC South. 2016 was to be the year that Jacksonville ...

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