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Anti-Gun Nazis Trying to Sabotage SCOTUS Pick and Constitution

  President Donald Trump has just nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the supreme court seat formerly held by Antonin Scalia and the anti-gun Nazis are having conniption fits. They demand a “mainstream” candidate, meaning one who will regularly vote to violate the Constitution as the “justices” appointed by democrats have done for years. Scalia saw the 2nd Amendment as an ...

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Trump tells McConnell ‘Go Nuclear’ for Gorsuch


In a media event Tuesday night, Donald Trump told America that he had chosen Judge Neil Gorsuch as his Supreme Court nominee – this morning he told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to “go nuclear” to get him confirmed. “Yes, if we end up with the same gridlock we’ve had in Washington for longer than eight years,” Trump said during ...

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Neil Gorsuch: Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee!!!

Donald Trump continues to move along at lightning speed keeping all of his promises and the liberal mainstream press are besides   themselves.  They can’t keep up with him and are not used to someone like him. Trump’s latest pick is his supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Trump introduced Gorsuch very honorably and classy with little mention of himself like Obama, ...

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Ted Cruz: Gorsuch is a ‘home run’ SCOTUS pick

Ted Cruz looking forward to Donald Trump administration

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson talks with Ted Cruz to understand why Judge Gorsuch is the Justice Donald Trump promised to the American people during his campaign. Gorsuch is a 100% conservative pick where President Trump has absolutely lived up to this campaign promise. Now, it’s up to democrats to understand the mandate or fight it and lose again in 2018.

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WATCH: Trump Chooses Gorsuch for Supreme Court Nominee

Trump announces supreme court justice

President Donald Trump reveals his choice for the Supreme Court justice that will replace Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Neil Gorsuch makes an impassioned, and at times humorous, acceptance speech including a hat tip to the Senate as “the most deliberative body” in the land. Gorsuch is a 49-year-old Coloradan that graduated from Columbia before obtaining his law degree from Harvard. ...

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