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Illegal Alien who Attacked Wife with Chainsaw has Been Deported 11 times

It was confirmed by immigration officials Friday that a California man who allegedly attacked his wife with a chainsaw is, in fact, an illegal alien who has been deported 11 times since 2005. The man reportedly attacked his wife in their home in front of their children. Detectives arrested Alejandro Alvarez Villegas, 32, in Chula Vista, California for allegedly trying to ...

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I.C.E. Operation Captures 1,378 Gang Members and Criminals

ICE arrest of gang members

President Trump ran on a law and order platform and now a six-week long I.C.E. operation has ended with 1,378 arrests for crimes ranging from immigration violations to murder. “Of the 1,378 total arrested, 1,098 were arrested on federal and/or state criminal charges, including 21 individuals arrested on murder related charges and seven for rape and sexual assault charges.” Immigration ...

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Immigration Officers Union Endorses Trump

ICE Officers union members

In another blow to the Hillary campaign, the union representing America’s immigration and customs officers is backing Donald Trump. While unions have historically backed democrats, Trump garnered the support of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement union just weeks after having the Fraternal Order of Police back him. The ICE union had not backed a presidential candidate ever before. The ...

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