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NFL Limits Demonstrations to the End Zone

It required a high level of self–absorption and a correspondingly low grasp of irony for bench–warming quarterback Colin Kaepernick to begin protesting “racial injustice” during the Obama administration. In all of recorded history there have been exactly two Western nations that have elected black presidents and in Haiti’s case I’m using the term ‘nation’ loosely. Also, ‘elected.’ The protest didn’t ...

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Martha MacCallum Grills Director of Discredited Michael Brown Documentary

Jason Pollock Strager Fruit documentary Michael Brown fake

‘Stranger Fruit’ director Jason Pollock attempts to defend the heavily edited footage and discredited information in his propagandist film on the Michael Brown shooting. Pollock starts out the interview visibly irritated and that’s about as pleasant as he gets. Later in the interview, the amateur filmmaker begins shouting at Martha in typical snowflake fashion. Jason used a heavily edited version ...

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