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CNN will be Sued for HUNDREDS of Millions of Dollars for Publishing Fake News

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The lawyer representing a Covington Catholic student who was falsely accused of racism said that he intends to sue CNN next week for hundreds of millions of dollars. Nicholas Sandman was portrayed by multiple news outlets, media personalities and social media influencers as having verbally attacked a Native American and a group of Black Hebrew Israelites. Now, his lawyer plans ...

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Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer Prepares to sue 54 Smear Merchants

Lawyers for Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann are preparing to bring massive libel lawsuits against various celebrities, media outlets, and “journalists” for their vicious smearing and threats made against Covington Catholic students with Nick Sandmann at the center of the controversy. They used a 30 second out of context video to label the Covington Catholic students as the new Hitler ...

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