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Kansas City Police Say Bricks Staged Near Protests Were ‘To Be Used During A Riot’

Police in Kansas City discovered pallets of rocks and bricks near protest sites on Sunday that they believe were to be ‘used during a riot.’  Peaceful protests in many U.S. cities over the death of George Floyd have devolved into rioting and looting, stoking concerns that anarchist groups are organizing violence. President Trump on Sunday pinned blame for the chaos ...

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Ghosts of the USDA

I’m wondering when the WoePost will stop haunting readers with stories of the US Dept. of Agriculture’s brutal forced migration from Washington to the primitive hellscape of Kansas City. This week it’s low moans from former researcher Andrew Crane–Droesch who tries to convince us moving his department was a loss to research that rivaled the burning of the library in ...

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Federal Employees Want Taxpayers to Keep Their Distance

The Washington Post (WoePost to regular readers) recently had a very ominous quote. Sandra Salstrom, a lobbyist for the American Federation of Government Employees, told an eager stenographer, “It seems like if they are successful here, this could just be the tip of the iceberg. We don’t know who’s next.” What inhumane, outrageous and bigoted Trump administration policy has attracted ...

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Fire, EMS respond to situation at IRS building

EMS KC IRS building 8-4-17

First responders were called to a Kansas City, Missouri IRS building when 8-10 people complained of chest pains, nausea, and vomiting after handling an 8×12″ envelope that had arrived in the mail room. The package was immediately isolated and responders established a triage center, the fire department told reporters. Several people were treated and released at local hospitals. Two remain in ...

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High School Student Suspended For American Flag

In Kansas City, Missouri, at Kearney High School, classes  at were shortened for all students to participate in a school wide event to produce a video, but three students are not even sure if they appear in the video. Dylan Eckstein, Taylor Snider and Jackson Specker decided to paint an American flag across their chests collectively to show their patriotism in the ...

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