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Abolishing ICE Looks Likely To Become 2020 Campaign Issue For Democrats

A Bridge Too Far

  by Peter Hasson Left-wing pundits and activists are increasing pressure on Democratic politicians to embrace the fringe position of abolishing ICE. Once a fringe idea on the far-left, abolishing the nation’s immigration enforcement agency now looks likely to become a campaign issue in the Democrats’ 2020 presidential primary. Former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon came out for abolishing ...

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California Passes Bill to Move 2020 Primary Up Four Months

Just call it the Kamala Harris plan. The radical leftist Democrats who run the California state legislature as if was the old Soviet politburo have made another early move to hijack the 2020 presidential election. In addition to a bill that could potentially keep President Donald Trump off of the ballot, state Dems have also passed another to move the ...

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Kamala Harris Calls for Senate Hearings Into ‘Violent White Supremacy’ but NOT Antifa

Probable 2020 Democratic Party nominee Kamala Harris is looking to cash in on the national panic that has been whipped up by the media since the unfortunate events in Charlottesville. California’s newest U.S. Senator hasn’t been in office for nine months yet and she is already making demands simply because she can get away with being an obnoxious bitch on ...

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2020 Democrat Debates Could Be the Mother of All Clown Shows

Now that Hillary Clinton is out of the way, the Democrats are swarming like cockroaches over who will win the 2020 presidential nomination and be on the receiving end of a landslide loss to President Donald Trump. Dems are jockeying for position and it could be a field that approaches the seventeen candidates that the Republican Party fielded for the ...

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How Do You Spell 2020 Republican Landslide? K-A-M-A-L-A H-A-R-R-I-S

She’s a demagogue, she’s black and she has a vagina which makes Senator Kamala Harris the early favorite to land the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination. The rise of Harris shows that the Democrats are addicted to identity politics as if it was crack cocaine and there are few happy endings for junkies. The ambitious former California Attorney General and ...

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LTP Daily: The Hero Kamala Harris

Today’s “Libkiddy Talking Point” addresses Kamala Harris’ terrible performance while questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday. Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘ honest testimony on Tuesday is being turned upside-down in order to create a hero from a nobody and a villain out of a patriot. Overall, the Senate Intelligence Committee seemed to have little interest in finding any evidence of ...

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Democrat Senator explains why none of them will vote to confirm Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearing

Litmus tests on policy issues, decisions on a certain case and partisan politics have been reasons that senators might vote against the confirmation of a supreme court nominee in the past, but a sitting senator outlined the very reason that 100% of democrats won’t be voting for Judge Neil Gorsuch. Taking to twitter on Friday, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) outlined ...

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