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Here’s How Much Kamala Harris Raised In The First 24 Hours Of Her Presidential Campaign

Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris raised approximately $1.5 million in one day following her announcement that she will be seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2020. In the 24 hours after Harris announced her presidential bid, she received an influx of primarily small donations from more than 37,000 individuals, Harris’s campaign told The Wall Street Journal. During the ...

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Kamala Harris Running For President In 2020

Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris announced on Monday that she is officially throwing her hat into the ring and seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2020. Amid speculation of Harris’s presidential aspirations, the California senator revealed in December she would make a decision on whether or not to launch a 2020 presidential run over the holiday season. She ...

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Kamala Harris Falsely Claims That Private Prisons Make $3.3 Billion In Profits A Year

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris said at a confirmation hearing for attorney general nominee William Barr Tuesday that the two largest private prison companies make $3.3 billion per year in profits. “There’s a billion dollar private prison industry that profits off of incarcerating people. And frankly, as many as possible. By one estimate, the two largest private prison companies in the ...

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Kamala Harris Claims She’s Still Deciding On 2020 Presidential Run

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California said on “Morning Joe” Friday that she’s still undecided about running against President Donald Trump in 2020. Host Joe Scarborough asked Harris to address the media speculation surrounding her potential White House run and she said she’s close to making a final decision. “I’ll make it soon. I’m not going to answer today, obviously,” she said. Harris told Scarborough the country ...

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Top Hopeful To Take On Trump For President Wins Porker Of The Year Award

Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris was named the 2018 Porker of the Year Thursday, based on online polling conducted by the nonprofit Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW). CAGW traced her reputation for pork barrel spending to a rent subsidy bill she proposed in July that would have raised rent prices and cost billions per year, according to CAGW. “We would ...

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Kamala Harris Says She Will Support Trump-Backed Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris says she will support a criminal justice reform bill backed by President Donald Trump in a statement released Monday. Harris says she will support the bipartisan bill, called the “First Step Act,” which Trump also endorsed. The bill includes both prison and sentencing reforms, and Republicans want to pass the legislation before Democrats take control of the House on Jan. 3. “For ...

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Kamala Harris To Make A 2020 Decision Over Christmas

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris announced on Saturday that she will make a decision on whether to launch a 2020 presidential run over the holiday season. “It will ultimately be a family decision,” Harris told Mika Brzezinski at the ‘Know Your Value’ conference in San Francisco. “And over the holiday, I will make that decision with my family.” Harris acknowledged the ...

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Gillibrand: ‘First Thing We Should Do’ Is Abolish Ice When Dems Take Back Congress

The “first thing” Democrats should do if they flip the House and Senate is to “get rid of” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY.) on Sunday. “So when we flip the House and flip the Senate, I the first thing we should do is deal with the children who are being separated from their families at ...

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FACT CHECK: Kamala Harris Says The Title X ‘Gag Rule’ Would Ban Clinics From Mentioning Abortion

  by Emily Larsen Sen. Kamala Harris said in a tweet Monday night that the proposed rule for Title X family planning grants would cut off funding from health clinics that mention abortion. This administration’s new gag rule is so extreme, it could result in federal funding being cut off from any health clinic that even mentions abortion. Let’s just ...

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Abolishing ICE Looks Likely To Become 2020 Campaign Issue For Democrats

A Bridge Too Far

  by Peter Hasson Left-wing pundits and activists are increasing pressure on Democratic politicians to embrace the fringe position of abolishing ICE. Once a fringe idea on the far-left, abolishing the nation’s immigration enforcement agency now looks likely to become a campaign issue in the Democrats’ 2020 presidential primary. Former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon came out for abolishing ...

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California Passes Bill to Move 2020 Primary Up Four Months

Just call it the Kamala Harris plan. The radical leftist Democrats who run the California state legislature as if was the old Soviet politburo have made another early move to hijack the 2020 presidential election. In addition to a bill that could potentially keep President Donald Trump off of the ballot, state Dems have also passed another to move the ...

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Kamala Harris Calls for Senate Hearings Into ‘Violent White Supremacy’ but NOT Antifa

Probable 2020 Democratic Party nominee Kamala Harris is looking to cash in on the national panic that has been whipped up by the media since the unfortunate events in Charlottesville. California’s newest U.S. Senator hasn’t been in office for nine months yet and she is already making demands simply because she can get away with being an obnoxious bitch on ...

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2020 Democrat Debates Could Be the Mother of All Clown Shows

Now that Hillary Clinton is out of the way, the Democrats are swarming like cockroaches over who will win the 2020 presidential nomination and be on the receiving end of a landslide loss to President Donald Trump. Dems are jockeying for position and it could be a field that approaches the seventeen candidates that the Republican Party fielded for the ...

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