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New Poll Shows Joe Biden With Big Lead Among Potential DEM POTUS Candidates

Former Vice President Joe Biden is holding a comfortable lead among a slate of potential Democratic candidates ahead of the presidential election, according to an NPR/PBS poll published Thursday. Biden holds a high favorability rating among black people (70 percent), white people without a college education (71 percent), and white people with a college education (83 percent). His numbers are ...

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Beto and Biden-Head 2020 – Grrr Graphics – Ben Garrison Cartoon

The Democrats could be considering a fresh face for the 2020 presidential run. Joe Biden is not that fresh face. If elected, he would be 78 years old, by far the oldest president to take office. However, he did top an Iowa poll of possible Democratic presidential candidates. Beto O’ Rourke, who lost to Ted Cruz in their Texas Senate race, also ...

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Poll: Biden becoming 2020 choice among Democrats

Former Vice President Joe Biden is crisscrossing the country to promote his new book and Democrat voters are increasingly supporting him as a presidential candidate according to a new poll. The Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday showed that 41% of likely Democratic party voters felt that Biden would make the best candidate to run against President Donald Trump in 2020, ...

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Sanctimonious Ass Joe Biden Declares Battle for Our Nation’s Soul

Former Vice President Joe Biden is going to make a run at the presidency come 2020, there is no way to deny that will happen. But with the sad shape that the Democratic Party is in due to an obsession with identity politics that borders on the pathological, he will have a tough time dislodging the rising star Kamala Harris ...

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Former V.P. Joe Biden’s Niece Dodges Jail Time Over Grand Larceny

As George Orwell famously put in his book Animal Farm, “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” which perfectly describes the American political elite. Just take a look at former vice president Joe Biden’s niece who managed to avoid doing jail time for grand larceny over credit card theft. This would have landed anybody else ...

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Stupid-Face Joe Biden Is a Vicious, Abusive Man; And He’s Baaack.

The Democrat politician who has actually done the things that Democrats falsely accuse Donald Trump of doing (man-handling women, speaking insultingly of immigrants) is back and he’s acting violently again (and this time the subject is not Bill Clinton). This pip-squeak politician, Joe Biden, is telling us he would like to kick Donald Trump’s ass “behind the gym” because Trump ...

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Biden Conjures a Straw Man: ‘Bill Clinton’s Past Shouldn’t Matter’

Liberal-friendly press outlets are overplaying the Vice President’s argument that former President Bill Clinton’s past shouldn’t matter in this year’s election – and they are right – sorta. Ah…. finally, when all else fails, the left plays one of their favorite tricks – the straw man argument. In an interview to air Sunday, Veep Biden told Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd that ...

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U.S. foreign policy failures with Russia and Israel continue

How the U.S. stands up to Russian Aggression - in a single image

President Obama and Joe Biden further weaken America’s world image and piss off an ally .. all in one day. Days after two Russian fighter jets buzzed a U.S. warship, Obama had a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two world leaders discussed the disaster that is Syria, but Obama didn’t bring up the dangerous and provocative flyover ...

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Biden: Nah – but vote for Hillary!

After being faced with the prospect of Uncle Joe running for President, Democrat voters can now relax. Hillary Clinton will be the choice for which the DNC will allow them to vote. At a press conference today, Biden announced that he will not be running for President because he ran out of time to enter the race.. or something: Biden, ...

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Vice President Joe Biden Interview

Joe Biden Late Show Colbert interview part I

Will Joe run? We don’t find out in this interview, but for a VP that has been largely kept far away from the spotlight during the Obama presidency, he sure is quite visible all the sudden. I wonder what Trump thinks about Uncle Joe?

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Hillary Is Not Getting The Usual “Under Investigation” Treatment From Obama. I Wonder Why?

With the Obama administration and its many and sundry scandals, each crime has been  effectively covered up from the outset by Obama shills simply stating that the matter is “under investigation” and no comments can be made about their status or progress. But with Hillary, nearly every day we see more revelations of Hillary’s lying and cheating personality as the ...

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Buzzards circling Clinton presidential campaign

Recent polls and signals from democratic party insiders are increasingly indicating the Hillary’s second run for President may end up much like the first. A newly released Rasmussen Reports survey shows that almost half of those asked said that Hillary should suspend her run for the nomination: Growing national security questions about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server during ...

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Why Joe Biden is the left’s Donald Trump

Derisive snorts, condescending snickers- these are the kind of reactions many conservatives have to the idea of a Joe Biden 2016 run, which is appropriate since it’s the same breezy haughtiness with which the vice president dismisses his opponents. But it is also the reaction many had to Donald Trump announcing his candidacy. And two months later Trump has a ...

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Hillary Clinton reliving 2012 as Sanders overtakes her in key state

Without her having to shed a tear, Hillary Clinton is reliving her failed bid for President in 2012 according to a recent poll. In a just released Boston Herald-Franklin Pierce College poll, Hillary Clinton would lose the early primary state of New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders 43.6% to 36.5% which is outside the margin of error of 4.7%. Sanders, a self-described socialist, ...

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