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Hillary’s Endgame: Challenge Legitimacy of the Election

Hillary Clinton has finally admitted what has been clear ever since the bogus narrative that the Russians worked with the Trump campaign to steal the election from her. She plans to steal it herself with a great big assist from Deep State fixer Robert Mueller. In a stunning interview with National Public Radio, Mrs. Clinton has for the first time ...

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Name-Calling From the Left Reminiscent of Stalin’s Soviet Union

In the Soviet Union, the Stalinists called their enemies revisionists, capitalists and hoarders in order to brand them and create an atmosphere of negativism against people who just wanted to live their lives peacefully and have a little prosperity and happiness along the way. In current-day America, our leftist Democrats and their wholly-owned media organizations call their enemies “deniers” and ...

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Bitter Sore Loser Hillary Clinton Calls for Abolishing of Electoral College

Defeated Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues to make the stops on her national grievance tour to fulminate against the cruel system that snuffed out her hopes of making history as the country’s first female POTUS. Mrs. Clinton’s sense of entitlement was forever shattered in the wee hours of November 9th when she smacked right into that glass ceiling like ...

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Early Poll Shows Bernie Leading the Pack for 2020 Dems as the Left Embraces Socialism

The permanent election cycle just keeps churning on. We have not even hit the one-year mark since the last presidential election and already, the handicappers are placing their early bets on the winning horses in the 2020 race. And it’s Bernie Sanders leading out of the gate. This has now become akin to a football game with the 2018 midterms ...

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New Pro-Hillary Website Compared to North Korean Propaganda

Last week, it was reported that lingering loser Hillary Clinton was endorsing a new online venture called Verrit that promotes itself as “media for the 65.8 million” or all of the people who cast their votes for Mrs. Clinton last year including the skewed popular vote total by an overwhelming win in the land of liberal lunacy called California. I'm ...

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New Ben Garrison Cartoon: The Clinton Bookends

The great conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison just put out another masterpiece. Hillary Clinton‘s bible of bitching What Happened? was officially released on Tuesday and Ben was quick to respond with his cartoon entitled “The Clinton Bookends” which hits the nail right on the head – or in this case, the heads. According to Garrison’s blog: Hillary just won’t go away. ...

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Unhinged Hillary Wanted to Make Voodoo Dolls of Critics

The 512-page outpouring of radioactive bile that is Hillary Clinton’s magnum opus What Happened? was released on Tuesday and the people who are mining it for juicy details are continuing to produce tantalizing tidbits of the workings of a truly diseased mind. Most of the already deeply discounted book that could be more accurately entitled Her Kampf has been a mishmash ...

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Hillary’s New Book Being Sold at Deep Discount

Hillary Clinton odd face

Hillary Clinton‘s new book What Happened is being sold at a 40% discount to the publisher’s suggested price. Clinton’s newest book is being heavily discounted by book retailers on its first day on sale in hopes of selling the books instead of having to box them up and send them back to the publisher. Amazon.com has the book listed at $17.99 ...

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Some Dems Wish Hillary Would ‘Just Shut the F*CK Up and Go AWAY

With Hillary Clinton’s return to the national spotlight only days away as she will hit all of the talk shows to promote her delusional account of her election disaster entitled What Happened?, some Democrats aren’t thrilled that she continues to make everything about her. Excerpts of the book have already stirred up internal squabbles between warring factions of the party ...

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The Schizophrenic, Paranoiac, DESTROY Trump Media!!!

Paranoia strikes deep. Into your heart, it will creep. Starts when you’re always afraid. Step out of line and they’ll come take you away. Buffalo Springfield- “For What It’s Worth”-1968 Over the years when it comes to United States Presidents I’ve noticed the media is very schizophrenic. They can’t decide whether to be an attack dog or lap dog or ...

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Michael Moore Claims He Warned Clinton Campaign to Spend More Time in Michigan

Obese leftist gadfly Michael Moore is everywhere these days as he continues to bolster his personal brand by attacking President Trump and building his motley army of “Resistance” screwballs. Normally it is wise to just discount anything that comes out of Moore’s mouth but comments that he made on the late-night circuit to host Stephen “cock holster” Colbert are notable ...

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Hillary Reboots Leftist Scam to Tie President Trump to White Supremacists

You just had to know that this was coming. The media, leading Democrats, and other charlatans are seeking to take political advantage over the ugly events in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday. Really, from the second that Governor Terry McAuliffe who is a longtime Clinton crime family operative put the National Guard on standby over a rally by a number of ...

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Are We On The Eve Of Destruction Again?

During the 60’s protest singer Barry McGuire came out with a hit song called “The Eve of Destruction” describing all the apocalyptic world happenings at the time. Could it be we are there again with what is happening now between us and North Korea, Iran and Russia? President Trump inherited the North Korean issue, but instead CNN, who hated Trump ...

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