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Watch: President Trump Announces Proposed National Environmental Policy Act Regulations

President Donald Trump announced his proposed changes to U.S. environmental regulations Thursday morning. The changes to the Nationa Environmental Protection Act streamline the environmental impact study regulations to remove duplication of effort, pure bureaucratic nonsense, and other roadblocks that are used by enviro-extremists to halt infrastructure projects. The president has removed more regulations from the Federal Register than any past ...

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Trump Is Not Ideological – He’s Practical

Most politicians identify themselves based upon an ideology. Occasionally one comes along, however, who defies ideological bounds and self-identifies their political predisposition based upon other factors. Our 45th president, who has never been a politician, yet is one now by virtue of his campaign and subsequent election, is neither a true conservative, nor a true liberal. Political ideologies are comprised ...

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Like Obamacare? You’ll Love what New FCC Rules will do to the Internet

Like a cancerous growth spreading throughout an otherwise healthy body, government overreach, regulation, and control of every aspect of our free-market system continues to expand, infesting and damaging economic activity one organ, or industry, at a time. The Internet, that bastion of freedom and entrepreneurship, is about to become the government’s newest victim. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman, Tom Wheeler, ...

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Married To The Game: Where Have All Of The Entrepreneurs Gone?

In this episode of the Married to the game, we discuss: -Why Mitt Romney’s supporters should thank Newt. -Why sex offenders should volunteer to remove themselves from society.  (self deportation) -Where have the entrepreneurs gone? -Can we make people “work” for their welfare? -Why does Day Care cost SO MUCH??? -Have we reached a point where government regulation is killing ...

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