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Watch Live: White House Press Briefing with Sean Spicer 3/16/17 2 PM ET

Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer briefs the press on the issues of the day. Topics are expected to include: Hawaii Judge’s stay against Trump’s terrorist travel order President Trump’s tax return released by Rachel Maddow Saint Patrick’s Day luncheon and reception EPA/NHTSA modifications to mileage and greenhouse gas standards (CAFE and GHG)  

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Trump: ‘Era of economic surrender for United States is over’

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump told automobile manufacturing executives, union leaders, and workers Wednesday that he would be directing the EPA and NHTSA to return emission standards to reasonable levels while speaking at the American Center for Mobility. “Just days before my administration took office, the EPA cut short a mid-term review,” President Trump said in his speech. “Today, I am announcing that we ...

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