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Buzzfeed Blames French Riots On Facebook, Not France’s Sky-High Carbon Prices

Buzzfeed believes Facebook’s algorithm is largely responsible for riling up France’s working class and encouraging them to riot against French President Emmanuel Macron’s climate agenda. The so-called yellow vest movement roiling portions of France “is a beast born almost entirely from Facebook,” Buzzfeed writer Ryan Broderick noted in a post Wednesday. Macron’s sky-high carbon taxes take second-fiddle to Facebook’s algorithm, he suggests. Broderick ...

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Macron Waves The White Flag On Carbon Taxes

French President Emmanuel Macron decided to scrap the planned carbon tax on fuels after weeks of protests rocked Paris and other major cities across the country. An Élysée Palace official told The Associated Press Wednesday that “the president decided to get rid of the tax.” Macron’s decision comes one day after the government announced plans to delay implementing the carbon ...

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Carbon Tax Revolt Tarnishes France’s Green Image At UN Climate Talks

Environmentalists at COP24, a United Nations climate conference in Katowice, Poland, are worried that France is setting a bad example by backing off a climate tax after hundreds of thousands protested. French President Emmanuel Macron postponed a gas tax hike Tuesday for six months after the proposal ignited protests that have lasted over two weeks. The protesters, known as “yellow ...

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The Stench of Globalism – Ben Garrison Cartoon

French president Emmanuel Macron is not a very popular man in Paris these days. He represents the globalist bankers more than France, and he’s been running their game plan. Macron put in place a ‘fuel tax,’ which is in actuality a carbon tax. Such a tax is instrumental in the further fleecing of the sheep by the EU globalists.

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Students Join Anti-Macron Protests By Lighting Fires And Turning Over Cars

French students are flipping over cars, looting shops and setting buildings on fire after joining protests and riots across the country over a proposed carbon tax, according to ABC News. French President Emmanuel Macron temporarily suspended the carbon tax proposal Tuesday. The “yellow vest” protesters, named after the neon yellow vests they wear, called off talks with Macron’s administration Monday citing “security concerns” after ...

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France Is Scrapping Global Warming Taxes That The UN Thinks Should Be Doubled

The UN calls for carbon taxes to be twice as high as those that sparked riots across France. UN reports call for carbon taxes as high as $27,000 per ton of emissions to limit global warming. The French government delayed implementing carbon taxes in the wake of rioting. The French government was forced to scrap plans to increases taxes on ...

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Here’s The Woman Who Launched A Movement Against Macron’s Climate Taxes

The mass movement against French President Emmanuel Macron’s move to increase gas taxes was started by one person who wanted to hold the government accountable for making life tough on everyday citizens. France’s steep taxes on diesel fuel and other forms of carbon is making life miserable for those who rely on vehicles for work, according to Priscillia Ludosky, a ...

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Obama Touted Carbon Taxes As ‘Elegant’ While Visiting Paris In 2015. Three Years Later Riots Broke Out To Stop Them

In 2015, President Barack Obama called a carbon tax “the most elegant way” to fight global warming. France just suspended carbon taxes on fuel after riots roiled Paris and other major cities. Protesters angered by the carbon taxes demonstrated for days and called on President Emmanuel Macron to resign. Almost three years ago to the day, former President Barack Obama ...

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France Suspends Climate Tax Following Weeks Of Anti-Macron Protests

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced Tuesday that the government is suspending a controversial gas tax that roiled the country in widespread violence and chaos. The government proposed a slew of new carbon taxes designed to wean consumers off fossil fuels and transfer to electric cars. But the price hikes triggered a wave of unrest unseen in recent decades. Tuesday’s announcement represents ...

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French ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters Scrap Talks With Macron

French “yellow vest” protesters cut off talks with the French government Monday after a weekend of renewed protests and riots, German news service Deutsche Welle reports. Representatives of the protesters were scheduled to meet with French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe Tuesday but backed out of the talks over “security reasons.” Fellow “yellow vests,” named after the bright yellow traffic vests ...

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Macron Cuts Short Climate Summit Trip as France Melts Down Over High Gas Taxes

French President Emmanuel Macron made his way back to France Sunday as protesters turn the streets of Paris upside down over sky high gas taxes designed to fight global warming. Officials are considering declaring a state of emergency to deal with the unrest. Macron returned from his trip in Argentina to chaos in the streets as so-called “yellow jacket” demonstrators ...

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Watch: President Trump Attends the American Commemoration Ceremony at Suresnes American Cemetary [video+ transcript]

President Donald Trump paid tribute to fallen Americans of World Wars I & II while he attended a luncheon and commemoration ceremony at Suresnes American Cemetary in Suresnes, France, Sunday. Transcript PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you. Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you very much. Please. Major General Matz, I want to thank you and everyone at the American Battle Monuments ...

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Did The French Want The Statue Of Liberty To Stand For Immigration? [VIDEO]

The French intended the Statue of Liberty to symbolize America’s openness to immigration, Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine claimed. But did they? As I listen to French President Macron address Congress, I'm struck that it's the same day that the Supreme Court will hear the Muslim travel ban case. The French people recognized the U.S. as a nation of immigrants when they ...

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Highlights: Trump visits France [video]

Donald Trump visit Paris France 7-13-17

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited France last week as the guests of honor for the 2017 Bastille Day national parade. The White House has released a video with highlights of the first couple’s visit to Paris.

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