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Where is Fox News’ Jenna Lee going?

Jenna Lee Fox News goodbye

Jenna Lee, co-host of “Happening Now”, announced she was leaving Fox News on Friday after 10 years with the network. But where is the news anchor going? She offered few hints in her goodbye as to where she might be headed, but it appears that it is journalistic in nature. “I love being a journalist,” Jenna said.  “And I have ...

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GOP candidate refutes ‘body slam’ story [Audio and Full Statement] – Update: Fox News says Greg slammed Ben

Greg Gianforte

A reporter claimed that he was body slammed by Montana House candidate Greg Gianforte on Wednesday, just one day ahead of the Montana special election. Ben Jacobs, a liberal reporter from the Guardian entered Ginaforte’s private office uninvited while the candidate was in a separate interview with Fox News reporters (their account below.) Jacobs began badgering Greg with questions despite ...

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Hannity: News on Seth Rich and Sean’s Future at Fox – Update: Nothing Burger

Sean Hannity

Update: We hoped we would get more than publicly available information from Sean, but we did not. Don’t bother watching re-airs or reading the rest of the article. This was nothing more than a ratings play by Mr. Hannity. This was the worst “huge announcement” since Maddow’s tax return BS! Sean Hannity posted to Twitter Tuesday that his show that ...

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Rupert Calls Special Meeting as FOX News’ Ratings Slump

Rupert Murdoch head of News Corp

Rupert Murdoch called special meetings at Fox News this week to calm the nerves of staff as his sons’ plans for the network have cost Fox dearly in the cable news ratings war. Dad to the Rescue? Rupert Murdoch held a company-wide meeting Wednesday amid internal strife as MSNBC continues to threaten the network’s dominance after Roger Ailes and Bill ...

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Bob Beckel Fired from ‘The Five’ Over Racist Comment

Bob Beckel co-host of The Five

Bob Beckel has been fired by Fox News for making “a racially insensitive remark,” the network said. Fox News’ human resources department was made aware of a complaint about what one person familiar with the situation characterized as a “racially insensitive remark” on Tuesday evening. Executives conducted an internal investigation, this person said, and decided to part ways with Beckel ...

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Fox News Ratings Continue Slide with Murdoch Kids in Control

Fox News has lost its dominance in prime-time cable news ratings among a key demographic. As we reported yesterday, Rupert Murdoch’s liberal children are now running and ruining the Fox News Channel. We now have another day of week-to-week ratings to review and Fox is still suffering in the prime-time ratings among the prized 25-54 demographic. First up are Monday’s ...

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MSNBC leads Fox in Critical Demographic

The Murdoch boys have made major changes to Fox News Channels’ prime-time schedule and the ratings aren’t good – at all. We now have the first set of ratings where a possible trend can be seen. The lineup as it stood Monday, May 8th has been in place for a week giving us a decent week-to-week comparison. For those not ...

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Conservative Coup Continues: Fox News Top exec out!

The tumult in the conservative information sphere continues as Fox News forces the resignation of co-president Bill Shine. Bill O’Reilly gone. Roger Ailes .. gone. Jim DeMint being kicked out of the Heritage Foundation .. yup! Who or what is affecting the transformations of right-leaning institutions? Bill Shine, who has worked at Fox for two decades, resigned Monday likely under pressure. The former ...

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Bill O’Reilly Returns: “You’re going to be shaken” as the truth comes out

Bill O'Reilly

In a podcast on his website Monday night, Bill O’Reilly made his first public statements since losing his Fox News show saying that the loss of his show saddens him but promised that his fans have not seen the last of him. O’Reilly agreed to leave Fox News after allegations of sexual harassment were made against the top cable news ...

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Conservatives Under Attack At FOX News!!!

Well, it didn’t take progressives long to move onto Phase II of their plan to destroy the Fox News Network. Now they are going after Sean Hannity!!! They are working to take down the second of two top conservatives and it’s being done from the inside. With the liberal sons of Rupert Murdoch now firmly at the helm of what ...

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Top Stories for Thursday 4/20/17

*This post will be updated throughout the morning* Grab some coffee and a bit of breakfast. Here is the news kicking off your day: Bill O’Reilly Out at Fox, new lineup announced Venezuela illegally seizes GM plant Secret Service to eliminate access to South Lawn fence around White House President Trump’s schedule for Thursday Lawyer representing O’Reilly accusers claims victory just ...

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The Tumultuous Fall of the Great Bill O’Reilly

The king is dead. Long live the king. FOX News Channel has cut ties with Bill O’Reilly, the most influential personality in its 20-year history and the undeniable king of cable talk. O’Reilly’s abrupt departure came after allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior started to steamroll. The network has discontinued The Factor immediately. Those defending O’Reilly, and a few ...

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Fox News: Tucker Carlson to take O’Reilly’s time slot, ‘The Five’ moves to Nine

Tucker Carlson

Fox News has unveiled its reshuffled weeknight schedule after announcing that Bill O’Reilly would not be returning to the network. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” will move from 9 pm to Bill’s 8 pm slot and “The Five” will move from 5 pm to Tucker’s current spot at 9 pm. Eric Bolling is also being given his own show to air at ...

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