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Watch: President Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting our Nation’s Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Supply Chain

President Donald Trump delivers remarks Tuesday on America’s farmers, ranchers and the nation’s food supply. The event is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. EDT. Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content syndicated through CDN is available for re-publication without charge under the Creative Commons license. Visit our syndication page for details and requirements.

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Shuttered Meat-Processing Plants Are Coming Back Online. Here’s How They’re Protecting Workers

Tyson Foods is reoppening a plant in Waterloo, Iowa, after 444 workers at the facility tested positive for coronavirus, or COVID-19, bringing the total of infected meat workers in Iowa to 1,653, health officials say.  Sarah Little, a representative for the North American Meat Institute, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that President Donald Trump’s executive order mandating a reliable ...

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Sen Hawley Targets The Meat-Packing Industry, Says It’s Dominated By A Handful Of Massive Firms

Sen. Josh Hawley is now targeting another powerful industry a day after asking Attorney General Bill Barr to open an antitrust investigation against Amazon. The meat processing industry is consolidating power, and in the process giving the bulk of the food supply chain to a handful of conglomerates, the Missouri Republican wrote in a letter Wednesday to the Federal Trade Commission. Democratic ...

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Here’s What Happens To The Cows And Pigs When Meat Processing Plants Close. PETA Isn’t Happy

Farmers are facing the possibility of euthanizing cattle if processing plants temporarily shutter due to mass coronavirus infections among workers.  Oklahoma Farmers Union president Scott Blubaugh said the consolidation of corporate processing plants is creating a bottleneck effect forcing many farmers to consider killing and destroying their cows and pigs.  Animal activists say cows don’t have to die. PETA president ...

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Obama Admin Officials Pan Trump’s Order Mandating Food Processing Plants Stay Open

Two former Obama-era officials criticized President Donald Trump for ordering food processing plants to remain open as experts warn the food supply chain is breaking amid chronic shutdowns and economic lockdowns. Trump’s executive order Tuesday mandating food processing plants stay open is dismissive toward the workers who are infected with coronavirus, according to Chris Lu, a former deputy secretary of ...

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Tyson Foods Issues Dire Warning In Full-Page NYT Ad As Lockdowns Threaten US’s Food Supply

Tyson Foods rolled out a full-page advertisement Sunday in The Washington Post and The New York Times warning that the country’s food supply chain is “breaking” amid continued lockdowns aimed at slowing down the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s board chairman John Tyson wrote in the ad that farmers will be left in the dust and “millions of animals — chickens, ...

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CDC Officials Hustle To Put Virus-Ravaged Smithfield Foods Back Online After Worker Dies Of COVID

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working to put a meat processing plant ravaged by coronavirus back online after a worker died of the virus. CDC staff canvassed the Sioux Falls Smithfield Foods plan Thursday weeks after the first COVID-19 case was discovered in March. One infected worker died Tuesday while nearly ...

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Pandemic Puts World Meat Supply ‘Close to the Edge’ of Severe Shortage

Smithfield Foods said Sunday that it will close a major U.S. meat processing plant due to employees becoming infected with the coronavirus. The Sioux Falls, South Dakota, plant is responsible for roughly 5% of U.S. pork production and is expected to remain closed for at least two weeks adding tremendous stress to an already struggling supply chain. “It is impossible ...

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