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Is Facial Recognition Technology Capable Of Identifying Suspects? Here’s What Tech Experts Say

San Francisco prohibited city police from using facial recognition technology to identify suspects, and now experts warn that the fledgling big tech tool might not be ready for prime time. Critics believe such technologies carry a huge risk as they are heavily guarded and the companies that deploy them tend to shy away providing too much information about their use. ...

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Student Slaps Apple With $1 Billion Suit, Blames Facial Recognition Software For False Arrest

Apple stock drops

A college student filed a lawsuit against Apple on Monday, alleging that the tech giant’s facial recognition software led to the teen’s arrest for crimes he didn’t commit. Ousmane Bah, 18, filed a lawsuit Monday for $1 billion, alleging that facial recognition software in the company’s stores falsely identified him as the criminal responsible for a series of thefts that ...

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Second Impostor in Three Weeks Caught by CBP Biometric Verification Technology at Washington Dulles Airport

Less than three weeks into the use of its new cutting-edge facial comparison biometric system, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Field Operations (OFO) at Washington Dulles International Airport intercepted a second impostor trying to enter the U.S. A 26-year-old woman, who arrived on a flight from Accra, Ghana Saturday morning, presented a U.S. passport to a CBP ...

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Cicadas, the Latest Addition to Chinese Cuisine

Business reporter Harrison Jacobs accurately describes China as a “techno–authoritarian” state. Where the Nazis used inaccurate Phrenology and calipers to identify enemies of the state, China uses the latest in technology to constantly identify, monitor, exhort and if need be, round up recalcitrant citizens. The government’s reach is so pervasive that the fleeting appearance of a Taiwan flag emoji is ...

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