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“Pocahontas” remark a bigger problem for Warren than Trump

Warren Warpath

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) used President Donald Trump‘s recent Pocahontas comment in several fundraising emails, but the moniker may be more of a problem for Warren than it is for Trump. “You might have heard that Donald Trump likes to call me ‘Pocahontas.’ He does it on Twitter, at rallies, and even in official White House meetings,” a fundraising email ...

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Pocahontas Builds Merchandise Empire to Swindle Liberal Suckers

Just call it Pocahontas Inc. Democrat demagogue Elizabeth Warren is using her fame to scam liberal suckers out of their money by selling cheaply made, overpriced crap with her name and cheesy slogans on it. Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren has become so popular with the far left moonbats that they are shelling out money to purchase everything from temporary tattoos to ...

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Fanatic Elizabeth Warren Calls for Liberals to Take Extreme Leftward Turn

This weekend’s Netroots Nation gathering of Democratic party activists in Atlanta has been thrilled by such radicals as Keith Ellison who called all Republicans racist and other assorted deranged demagogues but one in particular brought down the house. Senator Elizabeth Warren who is fondly known as Pocahontas or Fauxahontas gave a speech so intense that it could have taken place ...

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Poor Persecuted Pocahontas Continues to Play the Victim

One of the most shameless Democrats of the modern political era is Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a woman so obnoxious that she actually makes Hillary look like Ms. Congeniality. Ms. Warren who has earned the sarcastic nickname of “Pocahontas” after she exaggerated her Native American heritage for favorable treatment in academia, is a shrill grandstanding phony whose choice of ...

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Democrat Challenger Calls Out Crazy Bernie’s Phony ‘Robin Hood Shtick’

Two of the more interesting contests to keep an eye in 2018 both involve Democrats. Not only Democrats but the truly deranged progressive ones who have been the leaders of the far-left revolt within the party which is now also being blamed for Hillary Clinton’s loss. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, the fake Indian will be facing off against a REAL Indian ...

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Maxine Waters is a Demented Old Black Woman

There is something ironic when you have a politician like Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters shouting to impeach President Donald Trump because he is mentally unstable when she is the one who needs to be measured for a straight jacket. There is no doubt that this demented old black woman needs counseling in the worst way. Calling for Trump’s impeachment when he ...

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Get Your Trump Smashing, Ass Kicking Elizabeth Warren Action Figure

Those who have been stricken by Trump Derangement Syndrome can take some solace that a brand new, ass-kicking action figure of Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren is in the works. The ultra-shrill leftist moonbat has established herself as one of the few Democrats who make Hillary Clinton look rational and as a result, has earned herself legions of adoring fans who ...

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Democrats Rolled Again: Jeff Sessions Finally Confirmed as Attorney General

The hostage situation involving President Trump’s Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions is now mercifully over and for the second time in two days the bad guys lost. After thoroughly discrediting themselves as a legitimate political party with endless silly diatribes, race-baiting dog and pony shows and sanctimonious huffing and puffing, the pitiful and impotent Dems could do nothing as Senator ...

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Senate Rebukes Warren During Sessions Debate

Elizabeth Warren shut down

Sen. Elizabeth Warren had her comments on Sen. Jeff Sessions rebuked under rule 19 of the Senate on Tuesday after making disparaging remarks about the current Senator who is also President Trump’s nominee for Attorney General.

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Trump Comments on Electoral College Result

Donald Trump

In a statement issued Monday, President-elect Donald Trump thanked the American people and promised to unite the nation. “Today marks a historic electoral landslide victory in our nation’s democracy. I thank the American people for their overwhelming vote to elect me as their next President of the United States. The official votes cast by the Electoral College exceeded the 270 ...

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Rachel Dolezal’s Complexion Problem

Elizabeth Warren meet Rachel Dolezal. Or better yet, Liawatha meet Fauxprah. Talk about your sisters from another mother! One pretends to be an Indian to exploit the racial spoils system on the East Coast. While the other undergoes what Zorro & The Blue Footballs called the “race change operation” to become black and abuse that quota system on the West ...

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TX Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis’ Slip Is Showing

Wendy Davis is not the first Democrat to use a fetus pile as a stepping–stone to higher office. She’s only the latest. But Wendy is in such a hurry to run for governor of Texas that she’s left a lot of inconvenient facts behind. Davis first came to prominence when she lead a filibuster on the floor of the Texas ...

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