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A Grand Bargain On Student Debt: Loan Forgiveness For Ending Federal Student Lending

The system is creating a peasant class. It’s time to end it. There are few more salient winning issues for Republicans than taking on the problem of higher education head on. But their reluctance reveals everything that’s still wrong with the party. President Donald Trump and new coalition on the right could change that. The Real Problem First, we must ...

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Democrats Hate Reading, Riting, and Rithmatic (The 3R’s)

At no other time in history do we owe so much to our younger generations for horribly abusing them. The abuses forced upon US children are disgraceful – even compared to third world countries! Facts are finally being exposed about the Democrat Party’s Teacher Union educational achievement cloak of secrecy and out into the public arena. American children are leaving ...

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DeVos: No Surprise That ‘Families Want More Control’ Over Children’s Education

Betsy DeVos addresses department of education 02-08-2017]

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said that it is no surprise “families want more control” over their children’s education. The Secretary of Education spoke in reference to a 2019 opinion poll on education policy from Education Next, which reveals that American families want more control over the education of their children. “American families want more control and more options ...

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Why Are Colleges Not Shutting Down the Democrat Socialist?

What is something worth – if you don’t pay for it? Even in Socialist countries, everything has a price. Prices place a value or worth on whatever. As an example, if Lincolns are free but Fords costs millions, who would be driving Fords? If tomatoes are $100 each, but lettuce is free, who would put tomatoes on their salads? If ...

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Senate Committee: US Colleges Violated Law, Took Chinese Cash To Host Propaganda

China provided over $158 million in funding to U.S. schools for ‘Confucius Institutes,’ which Chinese officials have called a form of propaganda, a bipartisan Senate investigation found. The program’s U.S. counterpart in Chinese universities was shut down after alleged Chinese interference.   FBI Director Christopher Wray faulted ‘naïveté’ among U.S. college faculty, and China is now expanding the program into grade ...

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Relaxed School Punishment Policy Decreased Suspensions, But Did Not Help With Academic Outcomes

A study found suspensions decreased in Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) when “restorative” measures were implemented in elementary schools, but the method was not as effective for middle school students. Rand Corporation released the findings in January in what is believed to be first randomized controlled trial of restorative practices in schools. The study was carried out between June 2015 and June ...

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De Blasio Has A Plan To Diversify Elite Schools In NYC. Parents Are Suing

Asian American parents and civil rights groups filed a lawsuit to stop a Bill de Blasio supported diversity plan for New York City high schools. The plan aims to give 20 percent of seats to students who miss the cut-off scores to get into elite schools. Opponents of the plan say it disproportionately hurts Asian American students. Asian American parents ...

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More School Districts Banning, Reducing Or Not Grading Homework

Parents and anti-homework supporters may be happy to hear that several school districts around America are doing away with homework, whether that be banning it altogether or placing restrictions on when or how long it takes to complete assignments. While high schoolers worked an average of 7.5 hours a week on homework in 2016, an increase from 6.8 hours in ...

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WATCH: Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids

Dangerous people are teaching our kids

You are currently funding some dangerous people. These people are indoctrinating young minds throughout the West with their ideology that’s built on resentment. In this video, Jordan Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, explains who they are and how American parents and taxpayers have found themselves funding this dangerous gang of nihilists. Transcript You may not realize ...

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Skyrocketing tuition costs push more to online universities – here’s which are best

The skyrocketing cost of tuition has caused skyrocketing popularity in online degree programs. Since the year 1982, tuition has risen upwards of 400%. But for more than a decade now, distance education enrollments have been growing despite traditional enrollments continuing to decrease. Colleges and universities are constantly evolving to provide online options for their prospective students in order to stay ...

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How to Terminate Ideological Tenured Professors

By now everyone who is up to speed on current events knows that Randa Jarrar, a “professor” at California State University at Fresno, took to Twitter after the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, to lambaste her memory. This cretin then bragged she couldn’t be fired because she was “tenured.” Jarrar tweeted: “I’m happy the witch is dead. Can’t ...

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White House: Trump Proclaims March 27, 2018, as “Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A.”

President Donald Trump issued Tuesday afternoon a proclamation declaring March 27th, 2018 “Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A.” EDUCATION AND SHARING DAY, U.S.A., 2018 BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION A quality education can give every child, regardless of his or her circumstances, the opportunity to grow, thrive, succeed, and achieve their version of the American ...

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Betsy Devos: “How The Omnibus Spending Law Makes Schools Safer”

Betsy DeVos addresses department of education 02-08-2017]

“[President] Trump and his entire administration are committed to making America safe by implementing evidence-based measures that will help improve mental health, prevent crime, and keep violent behavior out of our schools and communities.” “How the omnibus spending law makes schools safer” By Secretary Betsy DeVos Washington Examiner March 26, 2018 [President] Trump and his entire administration are committed to ...

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