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Judge Orders Release Of Sealed Records From BuzzFeed’s Dossier Lawsuit

A federal judge in Florida on Wednesday ordered the public release of dozens of documents kept under seal during BuzzFeed’s lawsuit over the Steele dossier. District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro ordered that the documents be made public by Feb. 8. More than 40 records used in the case are listed in the order. Ungaro’s decision will shed light into the ...

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DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Acknowledged His Dossier-Related Contacts Looked Suspicious

Justice Department official Bruce Ohr admitted to Congress last August that his contacts with the author of the Steele dossier and the FBI could be seen as “troubling” to outside observers The DOJ lawyer served as a back channel between the FBI and Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier  Republican lawmakers have questioned Ohr’s role in the dossier saga ...

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Lanny Davis Blasts McClatchy Over Disputed Michael Cohen Report

Lanny Davis, an adviser to Michael Cohen, is accusing McClatchy of “declining journalistic standards” over the news service’s recent report claiming that evidence exists placing Cohen in Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign. “Can any member of the media take ‘No’ for an answer – in contrast to anonymous sources who at best are engaging in single, double, or sometimes ...

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Michael Cohen Report Is Based On Third-Hand Information, Reporter Reveals

McClatchy reported on Thursday that foreign intelligence exists placing former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in Prague during the 2016 campaign, as is alleged in the infamous Steele dossier But the story is coming under scrutiny after Cohen directly denied the report. Other news outlets have been unable to corroborate the bombshell report One of the reporters who worked on the ...

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John McCain Associate Gave Steele Dossier To BuzzFeed

A longtime associate of late Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain provided a copy of the infamous Steele dossier to BuzzFeed News, according to an explosive court filing released Wednesday. David Kramer, a former State Department official who was an executive at the McCain Institute, provided BuzzFeed News reporter Ken Bensinger with a copy of the dossier Dec. 29, 2016, according ...

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Trump’s Tweets Force CNN, MSNBC To Finally Discuss Flaws In The Steele Dossier

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CNN and MSNBC interviewed veteran reporter Michael Isikoff on Tuesday about his recent comments undercutting the infamous Steele dossier Isikoff’s appearances on the networks appears to have been spurred by tweets from President Trump, who caught wind of an interview Isikoff gave over the weekend in which he said that two of the main allegations in the dossier are “likely ...

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Reporter Who Met With Christopher Steele Now Doubts The Infamous Dossier

Michael Isikoff, the journalist who was first to report allegations from the Steele dossier, said in a new interview that many of the salacious allegations in the document are “likely false.” “All the signs to me are that Mueller is reaching his end game, and we may see less than many people want him to find,” Isikoff said in an ...

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Michael Cohen Adviser Deals Major Blow To The Steele Dossier

Michael Cohen did not visit Prague during the 2016 campaign, as the Steele dossier alleges, according to the former Trump lawyer’s adviser Lanny Davis vehemently denied the dossier’s allegations that Cohen visited Prague to arrange payments to Russian hackers The allegation is a core component of Democrats’ collusion case against the Trump campaign  ‘No Prague, ever, ever’ A close adviser ...

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FBI And CIA Sources Say They Doubt Major Dossier Allegation

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A Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter recently claimed CIA and FBI sources told the newspaper they do not believe the Steele dossier’s allegations about Michael Cohen are accurate. “We’ve talked to sources at the FBI and the CIA and elsewhere — they don’t believe that ever happened,” said Greg Miller, a national security reporter for WaPo. The dossier alleges Cohen ...

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FBI Releases Key Steele Dossier Document

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The FBI has released a summary that James Comey used in a briefing with President-Elect Donald Trump and President Obama regarding the Steele dossier The document is sure to grab the attention of Republicans who have accused the FBI of relying too heavily on the unverified dossier for its investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government ...

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Dossier Was Unverified Before And After FBI Used It To Obtain Spy Warrants

Former FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress on Friday that the bureau had not verified the dossier when it used the salacious document to apply for spy warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page Comey said it was “not necessary” for the FBI to validate the sources that dossier author Christopher Steele used to compile his report The ...

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Nunes: FBI Officials Knew Of ‘Really Bad And Nefarious Activity’ By Christopher Steele And Associates


An FBI and Justice Department email chain shows that top government officials knew that dossier author Christopher Steele and his associates “were up to some really bad and nefarious activity,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said Thursday. In an interview on Fox News, Nunes claimed that the email constitutes “the first clear evidence” that the FBI committed a “major ...

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Report: FBI Emails Show Intelligence Community Had Concerns About Steele Dossier

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FBI officials discussed intelligence community concerns about the infamous Steele dossier in a lengthy email thread in October 2016, according to a new report The FBI relied heavily on the dossier to obtain warrants to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page But Republicans have questioned whether the FBI relied on unverified or inaccurate intelligence to obtain the warrants  ...

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