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Pentagon Leaders Urge Quick Defense Budget Approval to Sustain Momentum

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan thanked the House Appropriations defense subcommittee for its work last year to pass the DOD budget on time, and asked them to duplicate the feat so the department doesn’t lose momentum. Shanahan and Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the budget request will support the 2018 National Defense ...

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Shanahan: No military housing, barracks or dormitory projects affected by border wall funding

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told representatives on Capitol Hill that this year’s Defense budget request holds the same strategy as previous years and the allocation of border wall funding will not negatively affect any aspect of national defense. “The strategy you supported last year is the same strategy we are asking you to fund this year,” the secretary told the ...

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Liberals Never Stop Seeking To Disarm America Unilaterally

USS Arleigh Burke Fires Tomahawk missiles

Liberals never give up in their campaign to disarm America unilaterally. As the service lives of the components of America’s nuclear triad – the missiles, the aircraft, the submarines, and the warheads – come to an end, the Pentagon will have to replace them with new ones in the years ahead. Liberals believe this is a great opportunity for them ...

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Engaging Young Voters on Defense Issues

                    A study released recently by the national leaders of Young Republicans (YRNC) polled young voters on numerous issues, including defense and foreign policy. The study reports that only 17% of youngsters believe that protecting the country should be the government’s top priority; that defense is “the place to start” budget ...

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