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Watch: President Trump and White House Coronavirus Task Force Hold Press Briefing – 3/14/20

President Donald Trump and members of the White House Task Force hold a briefing on coronavirus developments Saturday. Live Stream Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content syndicated through CDN is available for re-publication without charge under the Creative Commons license. Visit our syndication page for details and requirements.

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Four Primaries To Take Place Tuesday Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Top election officials in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio issued a joint statement saying Tuesday’s upcoming primary elections will proceed as planned amid the coronavirus pandemic As mass gatherings across the country have shut down due to the virus, the election officials assured voters they can “safely and securely” cast ballots at polling locations. A combined 577 delegates are up ...

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Fear-mongering: Ohio Governor Said 100K Are ‘Walking Around’ With Coronavirus In The State; The Health Official Behind The Number Now Says She Was ‘Guesstimating’

Ohio’s governor said Friday that 100,000 state residents could be “walking around” with coronavirus, but the health official who came up with that alarming figure now says she was “guesstimating.”  Dr. Amy Acton, the director of the Ohio Department of Health, went viral on Thursday after she said that 1% of the Ohio population — or more than 100,000 — ...

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Texas Governor Declares ‘State Of Disaster’

The governor of Texas declared a “State of Disaster” Friday regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared the emergency at a press conference at the Texas State Capitol, according to a press release from his office. “From the very beginning, our number one objective has been to implement preventative strategies that build on our state’s existing public ...

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Is Corona Virus Less Threatening Than The Demiq Virus?

Today, we are watching the rabid crazed Democrats and sycophant media doing their best to exaggerate perhaps one of the largest health crisis hoaxes in history. No, Liberals are never concerned about the well-being of others, but instead, hope to spread panic and havoc around the world. “Yes,” they yell, “we must all run for the nearest bunkers or foxholes. ...

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Watch: President Trump Holds Press Conference on Coronavirus Developments – 3/13/20

President Donald Trump holds a Rose Garden press conference Friday afternoon to update the media and the nation on recent developments in the coronavirus pandemic. (RELATED: Coronavirus stat and info page) The briefing is scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m. EDT. Live Stream of President Trump’s Press Conference on COVID-19 Pandemic 3-13-20 Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content ...

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Senate To Remain In Session To Fight Coronavirus

The U.S. Senate will remain in session next week to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Thursday afternoon that the Senate will cancel the scheduled recess and remain in session to focus on combating coronavirus. The announcement came as Congress attempts to pass legislation mitigating the outbreak of the disease. “Notwithstanding the scheduled state work period, ...

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Make America Well Again

We think the hype about the coronavirus is overblown. Sure, it’s more dangerous than the average flu bug because nobody has had a chance to build immunity. The old and infirmed can die from it, but that has always been the case. Deaths caused by the flu have always happened.

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Chinese Official Blames US For Introducing Coronavirus To Wuhan, Says US ‘Owes Us An Explanation’

A Chinese official suggested Thursday that the United States officials introduced the coronavirus into China’s Wuhan region as the virus makes its way to the West from the communist nation. “The director of the US Centers for Disease Control was arrested,” Lijian Zhao, deputy director of China’s Foreign Ministry Information Department, said in a tweet suggesting Centers For Disease Control ...

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Trump And Big Tech Put Their Differences Aside, Brainstorm Ways Google, Facebook Can Confront Coronavirus

Google, Facebook, and other tech companies met with members of the Trump administration Wednesday with the purpose of hammering out a strategy to confront the coronavirus outbreak. Microsoft, IBM, and Facebook had a phone-to-video meeting with top officials in the Office of Science and Technology Policy regarding ways artificial intelligence can help medical researchers develop a vaccine. They also discussed ...

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Watch: President Trump Addresses the Nation amid Coronavirus Fears – 3/11/20

President Donald Trump addresses the nation to update the people of the United States on recent developments in the fight against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) that started in the Wuhan Province of China. The Trump administration’s effort to slow the spread of the virus started earlier and with more vigor than previous administrations and has been highly praised by officials. ...

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