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Ben Garrison Cartoon: Dirt Digging Mueller Ignores the REAL Dirt

The great conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison just put out another masterpiece. This time he’s targeting dirty cop Robert Mueller, the Deep State hitman tasked with conducting an endless fishing expedition into President Donald Trump in order to find “evidence” that will allow Congress to remove him from office.   According to Garrison’s blog: Hillary is using Mueller as her personal ...

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Social Media Prevents Drawings, but not Terrorist Recruitment

Numerous videos on youtube recruit new terrorists to the Jihad.  At the same time, Facebook is busy censoring its members from drawing pictures of a Muslim religious figure.  How do they compare? Youtube.com has numerous videos that aide the Jihadi’s effort to recruit, plan, and attack. Hakeemullah Mehsud is Alive and Healthy and Delivering news about Attacks on USA Operation ...

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