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Officials Say Oakland Teachers’ Strike Costs District Nearly $1 Million A Day |

The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) says the teachers’ strike costs the district nearly $1 million a day. This estimate is based on the number of students in class, according to the San Francisco Chronicle Tuesday. The district has more than 36,000 students. But only 6 percent have reportedly showed up to classes, according to CBS SF BayArea. OUSD also ...

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Trump administration cancels $929 million for CA high-speed rail, seeks return of $2.5 billion already invested [full text of letter]

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) announced today that the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) intends to cancel $929 million in Federal grant funds yet to be paid for the California High-Speed Rail project envisioned to connect the L.A. Basin to the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, the Department announced it is actively exploring every legal option to seek the ...

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Trump Will Officially End Negotiations With California On Fuel Economy Rollbacks

The Trump administration will announce it’s ending fuel economy negotiations with California. EPA and DOT officials tried to hash out a compromise with California, but talks broke down. Federal officials will move ahead with plans to roll back Obama-era climate regulations on cars. The Trump administration will soon announce the end of negotiations with California regarding a proposed rollback of ...

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Trump Admin Weighs Risk To ‘Significant Federal Funds’ Tied Up In California’s Bullet Train

The Trump administration is weighing the risk to a “significant” amount of federal funds tied up in California’s high-speed rail project, a Department of Transportation (DOT) spokesperson told The Daily Caller News Foundation Wednesday. The federal government has spent about $3.5 billion in taxpayer money on grants to California to build a high-speed rail train connecting San Francisco to Los ...

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Bait-and-switch and Sunk Cost Fallacy: Newsom tricking taxpayers out of more money for high-speed rail

California Governor Newsome made statements Tuesday indicating that the full high-speed train line between Sacramento and San Diego “would cost too much”, but after his office made some clarifications Wednesday, it looks like California and U.S. taxpayers are being taken in a classic con: the bait-and-switch. “Let’s level about the high-speed rail,” Newsome said during Tuesday’s State of the State Address. ...

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California Gov Ditches High Speed Rail Project, Cites Hefty Price Tag

California Gov. Gavin Newsom abandoned a high speed rail project Tuesday that sought to connect Los Angeles to San Francisco. He suggested the the high cost of the project made the idea a pipe dream. Newsom dialed back anticipation for the project during California’s State of the State address. The Democrat suggested building a high-speed rail line between Bakersfield and ...

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Bankrupt California Utility Is Shedding Over $40 Billion Worth Of Green Energy Contracts

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) may shed more than $40 billion worth of power purchase agreements after the California utility was driven into bankruptcy by liabilities for sparking deadly wildfires, The Wall Street Journal reports. PG&E wants the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in San Francisco to rule whether the company must honor $42 billion worth of contracts with about 350 different ...

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California’s Largest Utility Goes Bankrupt Under Billions In Wildfire Debt

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), California’s largest utility company, filed for bankruptcy at midnight on Tuesday, seeking to escape potentially $30 billion in liabilities, CBS News reports. The company announced its plans to pursue bankruptcy protection two weeks ago after its CEO, Geisha Williams, stepped down reportedly over fallout from the utility’s wildfire debt. PG&E said then that bankruptcy “represents ...

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Federal Judge Faults California Utility As ‘Most Reoccurring Cause’ Of Wildfires

A federal court “tentatively” found that equipment owned by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is the “most reoccurring cause” of wildfires that scorched the state in the past two years, NBC News reports. U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup issued the ruling Thursday. Since 2017, power lines owned by PG&E, California’s largest utility, have sparked more wildfires throughout the state ...

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Here’s Everything We Know About The Los Angeles Teacher’s Strike So Far

The Los Angeles Unified School District lost more than $100 million over five days due to the teacher strike led by the United Teachers Los Angeles. The course of the week saw roads blocked, metros flooded, kids jumping fences and people getting blocked from entering school property. The union and district are back at the negotiating table, but strikes can ...

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California Faces New Energy Crisis After State’s Largest Utility Files For Bankruptcy

California faces a new energy crisis with the bankruptcy of its biggest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric. PG&E has at least $30 billion in liabilities stemming from deadly wildfires sparked by its equipment. The bankruptcy raises questions about grid reliability, power prices and state green energy goals. Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) bankruptcy filing Monday will force California officials to ...

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Los Angeles Changes A Law Over 100 Years Old So Illegal Immigrants Can Make Money

The new year marks new opportunities for illegal immigrants living in Los Angeles who can now legally sell wares on the streets to buying customers. Los Angeles’ City Council voted 13-0 in late November to allow street vendors to sell their goods without fear of retribution from law enforcement. Immigrants, many of whom are illegal, make up the majority of ...

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California Lawmaker Pushes Bill To Ban Paper Receipts Based On Claims They’re Full Of Harmful ‘Toxins’

A California state lawmaker introduced a bill to ban paper receipts starting in 2022. Environmentalists say the bill will also protect people from “toxins” in paper receipts, including BPA. However, experts and regulatory agencies say BPA is safe at current levels and not harmful. A Democratic state lawmaker introduced legislation to get rid of paper receipts, but is using a ...

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Murder Charges, Sell Off Or Bankruptcy Are All On Table For California’s Biggest Utility After Deadly Wildfires

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), California’s largest electric utility, faces a range of consequences as a result of deadly wildfires that have ravaged the state. In the last two years, California has been hit with a number of destructive wildfires — resulting in a high number of deaths. One of these fires — the Camp Fire — burned around ...

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California Sanctuary Law Allowed Twice-Deported Illegal Immigrant To Embark On Murderous ‘Reign Of Terror’

A twice-deported illegal immigrant felon killed a man and injured numerous others Sunday, and authorities are blaming the criminal’s violent actions on California’s sanctuary state law for allowing the violence to occur. Gustavo Garcia, 36, shot a farm worker in Tulare County in California Sunday before stealing $2,000 from an AA Gas and Grub mini mart in Exeter, The Washington Post reported Thursday. ...

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