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6 dead, at least 7 children wounded in California shooting

Rancho Tehama Elementary School

At least five people were killed and ten wounded, including seven children, Tuesday morning in a shooting in a Northern California rural area. The shooting began just after 8 a.m. PST in the town of Rancho Tehama, California, a town of 1,485 people. A law enforcement official has confirmed that seven children and at least two adults were hospitalized with ...

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Should The Federal Government Give Aid To California?

U.A. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised sanctuary cities across the nation that they will lose federal grant and assistance money if they continue to disobey federal law and protect illegal criminals from immigration law enforcement. So without batting an eye, California has taken a giant step beyond the sanctuary city declaration and has declared itself a Sanctuary State. The ...

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California Doubles Down on Stupidity, Is Now A Sanctuary State


The big lie that liberals have always used to support the sanctuary city idiocy was that non-violent illegal aliens would not report crimes being committed by violent illegal aliens because the non-violent illegals feared being deported by police. So how well does it serve non-violent illegals when the violent illegals are allowed, by the sanctuary cities and now the state ...

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California Clothing Store Owner’s ‘Trump as Nazi’ Billboard Backfires Big Time

Nowhere does the loony left show their incredible ignorance more than in their comparisons of President Donald Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Anyone who has an inkling of history understands that there is absolutely no comparison to a legitimately elected president of a country in which even the most radical elements such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are still ...

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SB54 – The California Values Act [Full Text]

Senate Bill No. 54 CHAPTER 495   An act to amend Sections 7282 and 7282.5 of, and to add Chapter 17.25 (commencing with Section 7284) to Division 7 of Title 1 of, the Government Code, and to repeal Section 11369 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to law enforcement.   [ Approved by Governor  October 05, 2017. Filed with Secretary of State  October 05, 2017. ]   LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL’S DIGEST ...

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California’s Bullet Button Ban Has Only Led to More Featureless Rifles

California has long been one of the states with the strictest gun laws, and in 1989, it became the first state to implement an assault weapons ban. That eventually led to the creation of the bullet button, a device that allowed Californians to own modified versions of rifles that the state considered an assault weapon, including the popular AR-15. In ...

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California Passes Bill to Move 2020 Primary Up Four Months

Just call it the Kamala Harris plan. The radical leftist Democrats who run the California state legislature as if was the old Soviet politburo have made another early move to hijack the 2020 presidential election. In addition to a bill that could potentially keep President Donald Trump off of the ballot, state Dems have also passed another to move the ...

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California Lawmakers Demand Congressional Censure of ‘Racist’ Trump

With yet another stupid and meaningless gesture, the sore loser leftists in the California state legislature squeezed out a new anti-Trump resolution late Friday night. They have been on a roll as of late as the state escalates its post-election war on President Donald Trump. This time, the stompy feet crybabies in Sacramento are demanding that the United States Congress ...

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California Legislature Moves to Keep Trump OFF 2020 Ballot

The California state legislature seems to spend more time and money waging a dirty war against President Donald Trump than it does taking care of its own citizens. In the latest attempt to undermine the man that roughly 8 million Californians voted against, a bill has successfully made it out of the State Assembly and is headed to Governor Moonbeam’s ...

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School Warns Chanting ‘USA’ at Games is Offensive

USA Chant controversy

Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, California has told students that chanting “USA” at sporting events could appear intolerant. The schools principal sent an email to parents and made an announcement to students that said that in chanting “USA” “we can communicate an unintended message.” Mother Natalie Woodbury said, “I want to chant USA because I want us to ...

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Liberal Colorado Judge Finds Sex Pervert Identification List Unconstitutional

The Rocky Mountain paradise of Colorado continues to shift leftward towards the degeneracy and moral decay of California as two bastions of liberal lunacy in the western United States. With its trendy legal marijuana shops, transgender friendly laws and fight against the federal government to protect illegal aliens with criminal records, the state is a haven for leftist freaks and ...

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Los Angeles City Council Officially Dumps Columbus Day

Delivering yet another blow to sanity, the city of Los Angeles has officially ended Columbus Day by changing the government holiday to a day to honor indigenous peoples. The liberal-packed L.A. City Council moved the ball downfield in the war on statues and since the city has no Confederate monuments, why not take the lead in striking a blow against ...

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Not Even Jesus is Safe as California Catholic School Removes Statues to be Inclusive

Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Christopher Columbus and now even Jesus. Leave it to the liberal weirdos on the left coast to move the goal posts in the radical left’s war on statues as a San Francisco area Catholic school has removed both Jesus Christ and Mother Mary from view at San Domenico School. The creeping fascism behind ...

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California Transgender Day Camp Ensnares Preschoolers as Young as Four Years Old

In another wonderful story out of that land of debauched moral values known as California, a day camp is indoctrinating children as young as four-years-old into transgenderism. One almost has to think way back to classic science fiction movies like “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” to find a comparison to the nearly alien form of social engineering that exists ...

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California Learns The Hard Way

There was an old saying, “So goes California, so goes the Nation.” Maybe that was true at one time, but from where I sit, that state is on its way to collapsing. There is no doubt that the once great state has moved far to the left of mainstream America. Jerry Brown, the Governor, is pushing that state into bankruptcy ...

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