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Riot erupts in Milwaukee after cop shoots armed criminal

Wilwaukee riots

Crowds became destructive and violent after a man fleeing a traffic stop was shot dead by police. Police said that the dead man, 23, was holding a stolen semi-automatic firearm when he was shot in Northern Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon. As evening approached, more than 100 people smashed windows on police cars and set fire to an auto parts store, ...

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Obama Insults the Bereaved in Dallas

It takes a special kind of president to travel to Dallas, ostensibly to speak at a memorial service for five assassinated police officers, and instead deliver a Black Lives Matter convention speech. A president completely oblivious to the purpose of the occasion and what decency requires. Obama delivered a speech the Daily Caller said was almost entirely his composition, so ...

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American Marine Castigates Black Lives Matter Frauds

I just watched a video  done by a young black American hero in which he calls the Black Lives Matter punks out for the racists that they are, pointing out that ALL lives matter and that many white people fought, and died, to end slavery and that others fought, and died, to end segregation. It amazes me how little most ...

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The New-Age Useful Idiots

Not too long ago a ”useful idiot” was a Capitalist who made and sold rope to a Communist so the Communist could use the rope to hang the Capitalist.  In the real world we discovered that Communism was a total failure and in the end we saw Capitalism defeating Communism and remaining strong while Communism withered and died. Now comes ...

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