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Democrats Swear There Is No Voter Fraud

Year after year after year the Democrats have been fighting against voter ID’s even though showing a photo ID when you go to vote makes all the sense in the world. I won’t go through the list of things you need a photo ID for in this country, but we need one for just about everything we do in life. ...

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Blaming Trump, But What About Obama?

The Left is piling on President Donald Trump for what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. They criticize the president for not doing enough or saying enough while shouting that it is Trump’s fault for what happened. Where was that same outrage against Obama? As black lives matter was killing police officers across the country, where was Obama’s outrage? Why didn’t the press ...

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Trump Re-Thinks America’s Response to Foreign Dictator Threats

Who can forget England’s Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, who in 1938 introduced the agreement he called a plan for “peace in our time” in response to Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia? This passive, liberal deal, with Hitler paying no price at all for his aggression, led directly to World War II and its massive toll of death and destruction. But liberals ...

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Just Do It, Mr. President

Attorney General Jeff Sessions white house leak investigation

During the 2016 presidential election campaign, Donald Trump said that announcing military actions in detail and in advance, which Obama loved to do, would stop when he became president. Whether ISIS or an enemy tribe in Afghanistan, Barack Obama loved to announce to the American public and the enemy when and where he would attack and with what force he ...

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Obama’s Radicalism Compared With Trump’s Main-Stream Common Sense

Former President Barack Obama pushed for the “fundamental transformation of America” (FTA), while President Donald Trump is working to “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). Noting their different central motivations, I offer the following observations: Obama swore at his presidential acceptance speech that he would Fundamentally Transform America and the liberal press swooned exclaiming that this evil, racist, sexist, capitalist nation was ...

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Devin Nunes Claims Obama Stooges Made Hundreds of Unmasking Requests

High ranking officials within the Obama administration exploited national security protocol for political reasons, why isn’t this a major scandal? Republican House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has been keeping a low profile after Democrats forced him out of the panel’s investigation into Russian election meddling. Back in March, Nunes sent shockwaves through the political system when he revealed that ...

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Why Is The Truth Now Racist?

In the left’s never ending quest to find everything racist, they have now hit a new low by calling the truth racist. I have watched with amazement while the left has called everything from white boards to white copy paper racist, from having a different opinion than the left to not voting for Barack Obama as racist. At first, it ...

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Did Obama Have Secret Plan to Domestically Deploy the Military on Election Day?

If one is to believe a stunning report, former President Barack Obama had a secret plan to implement martial law lite on election day. The report comes from Slime Time Magazine which claims that Obama was prepared to mobilize the feds and military components in the event of an election day “cyber attack” that would, of course, be blamed on ...

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Russia Was Old News In 2012, But Is A Menace To The World In 2017.

One wonders exactly where the Democrats are trying to take our nation. During the 2012 presidential campaign, Barack Obama severely scolded Mitt Romney for his belief that Russia offered any kind of threat to America. Yet today the Democrats are dumping every ailment the nation feels on President Trump’s dealings with the formerly impotent Russia. One should keep in mind ...

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Top Democrat Blasts Delay in Obama’s Transgender Integration of the Military

The decision of the Pentagon to delay the integration of transgenders into the armed forces has Democrats screaming bloody murder. One of the prime objectives of former President Barack Obama and his pompous academic social engineer Secretary of Defense Ash Carter was to feminize the military and that idea was nowhere more evident than their mandate to begin the integration ...

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Democrats Are Turning On Obama

Barack Obama is getting criticized by his own party for his failure to recognize and eliminate Russian interference in the 2016 election. It was the infallible Obama who was informed early on of Russian hacking and he did nothing to stop.  He thought that Hillary would become president and he would let her take care of Vladimir Putin following her ...

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More DemoCare Delusions

I have a chapter in my book, “Ramblings of a Right Wing Bible Thumping White Guy’ called. “Why do they have to lie to win?” I always feel that if the issue or product you have is true and good then it will stand on its own, don’t lie about it. Democrats are talking about how bad this new healthcare ...

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Soros, Obama and Hillary: Three Globalists Bent on a One World Government!!!

For those of you not familiar with the term “globalist,” a globalist is a person who does not believe in countries having any borders and believes in a one world government ruled by the United Nations. The three biggest globalists in this country are George Soros, Barack  Obama, and Hillary Clinton along with any of their devoted followers. George Soros ...

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To Restore American Leadership, Trump Should Immediately End Relationship With Cuba

Historically, American military engagements are seen as much as a symbolic act of principle as an assertive demonstration of superiority and force. There’s a “why” behind the rationale to engage in certain conflicts that theoretically justify the destruction and loss of life involved. Certain world actors represent such a stain on the American vision of what is absolutely right that ...

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CNN Serves Up Generous Helping of Fake News for Breakfast

Now that the long holiday weekend is over, the mercenary media is getting back to business and that business is the overthrow of President Donald Trump. The key to what is an Obama legacy intelligence operation to oust his legitimately elected successor has been a constant media stream of unverifiable stories based on unnamed sources and there is no end ...

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