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Report: Vaccination Rates Of Children At Google’s Day Care Center Are Staggeringly Low

Vaccinations rates are strikingly low for children who attend one of Google’s child care centers in Silicon Valley, tech magazine outlet Wired reported Thursday, citing a California public health data base. Only 49 percent of children are completely vaccinated in one Google day care center in Santa Clara County, California, where the vaccination rate for mumps-measles-and rubella is 95 percent. ...

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A Woman Refused To Vaccinate Her Kid. Police Kicked In Her Door

Thursday footage reveals that when an Arizona mom refused to take her unvaccinated child to the emergency room out of fear of the Arizona Department of Child Safety, she and her family were awoken by armed police who burst through their front door and took their children. Sarah Beck, the mother of three children, brought her two-year-old son to the ...

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Instagram To Block Anti-Vaccine Ads By Labeling Them Misinformation

Instagram To Block Anti-Vaccine Ads By Labeling Them Misinformation Mary Margaret Olohan on March 22, 2019 Instagram announced Thursday a mission to block all anti-vaccine hash tags and ads by labeling them “misinformation.” Facebook (also the owner of Instagram) announced March 7 that due to complaints from users who had seen large amounts of anti-vaccine content, they would be taking ...

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Portland Faces Emergency Measles Outbreak Due To Large Population Of Anti-Vaxxers

Portland, Oregon is suffering a public health emergency as increasing numbers of residents become infected with measles. Health officials confirmed Tuesday that 23 people have contracted the virus and one person has been hospitalized, The Washington Post reported. They are investigating two more suspected cases, according to WaPo. Authorities declared a public health emergency Friday in nearby Clark County. Measles is an infectious ...

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