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Democrats In Congress Probably Won’t Like Budget Deal

The Trump administration and congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle struck a budget deal Monday, and House Democrats may not react well to some of its details. House Democrats will find it hard to negotiate for policy changes using the deal, like pushing for federal funding of abortion as prohibited by the Hyde Amendment or clamping down on ...

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Pentagon: 2020 Budget Request Essential to Security

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan, Defense Department Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer David L. Norquist and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford testified about the fiscal year 2020 defense budget request at a Senate Appropriations Committee’s defense subcommittee hearing Wednesday in Washington. Main Points The fiscal year 2020 defense budget request of $750 ...

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DOD Leaders Make Case to Congress for 2020 Budget Request

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan, Joint Chiefs Chairman Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford and Defense Department Comptroller David L. Norquist went to Capitol Hill to make the case for the Defense Department’s request for fiscal year 2020 funding. The department is seeking $718.3 billion as its part of President Donald J. Trump’s topline request of $750 billion for national security funding. Shanahan ...

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2020 Defense Budget Request Focuses on Great Power Competition

Defense Department officials announced the details of DOD’s fiscal year 2020 budget request. Highlights of the $718.3 billion budget include: Great Power Competition The budget request reflects focus on the great power competition with Russia and China, as called for in the 2018 National Defense Strategy. The past two budgets did begin to focus on the NDS, but the greater ...

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Education Department’s Budget Proposal Includes First Ever Teacher Voucher Program

The U.S. Department of Education released President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget request Monday, which includes an experimental teacher voucher program. The goal of the vouchers is to allow teachers to receive stipends, which can be used toward training opportunities they see as fit. This is the first time such a program has been proposed, according to a Monday Education Department press statement. ...

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White House Releases 2020 Budget Monday

White House South Portico

On Monday, March 11, White House Office of Management and Budget acting Director Russ Vought will release the President’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budget for the federal government. “A Budget for a Better America: Promises Kept. Taxpayers First.” outlines this Administration’s key funding priorities, which include addressing wasteful Washington spending, strengthening our southern border, promoting a healthy American economy, and maintaining ...

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