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CDN accepts sponsored posts in order to keep the site free for our readers. These posts contain useful information and will never link to offensive, abusive, illegal or harmful sites. All sponsored posts and their links are reviewed by the editorial team to ensure that the links go to pages that are relevant to the content and are of good quality.

President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Thursday, February 20, 2020

President Donald Trump will deliver the Commencement Address at the Hope for Prisoners Graduation Ceremony in Las Vegas then host a Keep America Great rally in Colorado Spring, Colorado. Keep up with Trump on Our President’s Schedule Page. President Trump’s Itinerary for 2/20/20 – note: this  page will be updated during the day if events warrant All Times PST 11:10 ...

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Advertisement: Best Dog Food For Your Dog – What You Need to Know

Note: This post contains information or links for which we may receive a small stipend. When looking for the best dog food for your dog, there are many factors to consider. Dog diets are formulated for size, age, breed, energy level, medical needs, and more. It’s hard to know which dog food is the best. Should you buy your dog ...

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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Wednesday, June 26, 2019

President Donald Trump will deliver remarks at the Faith & Freedom Coalition 2019 Road To Majority Policy Conference then travel to Osaka, Japan, ahead of the G20 conference. Keep up with Trump on CDN’s President’s Schedule Page. President Trump’s schedule for 6/26/19 All Times EDT: 10:30 AM Depart the White House en route to Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel – ...

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Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns as Homeland Security Chief

  President Trump announced Sunday that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is resigning from her post in the Trump administration, bringing an end to the, at-times rocky, relationship between the president and her. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen will be leaving her position, and I would like to thank her for her service…. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April ...

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Bait-and-switch and Sunk Cost Fallacy: Newsom tricking taxpayers out of more money for high-speed rail

California Governor Newsome made statements Tuesday indicating that the full high-speed train line between Sacramento and San Diego “would cost too much”, but after his office made some clarifications Wednesday, it looks like California and U.S. taxpayers are being taken in a classic con: the bait-and-switch. “Let’s level about the high-speed rail,” Newsome said during Tuesday’s State of the State Address. ...

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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Donald Trump signs tax reform into law 12-22-17

President Donald Trump will participate in a signing ceremony for legislation to prevent Human Trafficking then he will receive his daily briefing as prepared by the intelligence community. In the afternoon, the president will travel to Capitol Hill where he will attend the Republican Policy Lunch. Later, the president will meet with Congressional Leadership at the White House. Keep up with Trump ...

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Border Patrol Agent assaulted during narcotics seizure

SUMAS, Wash. — United States Border Patrol agents observed multiple subjects illegally cross into the United States from Canada east of the Sumas Port of Entry on Thursday night.  A Border Patrol agent responded to the location and encountered two subjects with large backpacks. During the encounter, one of the subjects assaulted the agent by striking him in the chest ...

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Watch: The Avengers: Endgame Trailer is Dark, But Hopeful

Marvel Studio released the trailer for the next chapter in the Avengers line, Avengers: End Game, that will complete the story left adrift in the previous release, Avengers: Infinity War. The trailer begins with a hopeless message as Tony Stark records a message to Pepper Potts as he expects to die the next day. “Food and water ran out four days ago,” ...

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Sec. Pompeo: U.S. will not support international agreements that undermine our security

Mike Pompeo Singapore press conference

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Tuesday that the U.S. will no longer adhere to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty while Russia, China and others are not limited by the same agreement. “Russia’s been flight-testing the SSC-8 cruise missile since the mid-2000s. They’ve been testing it in excess of ranges that the treaty permits,” Pompeo said at a ...

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How You Can Make Money Off of Commercial Real Estate

Real estate, whether it be commercial or residential, is everywhere you go. From houses to apartments, office spaces to strip malls, there is a building in which someone owns and is making money off of. Investing in commercial real estate is a lot different than other investments in the stock market. Instead of continually trading stocks and bonds, your commercial ...

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Why a Serviced Office Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Looking for office space in Thailand’s commercial real estate landscape can take some time, especially if you are unfamiliar with the terrain. Add in being able to understand real estate law, and as a foreign investor, you can find yourself muddling through a lot of paperwork in an effort to make sure you understand what it means to be a ...

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Quick and Simple Guide to Junkyards

Do you have a junk car on your hands? Are you thinking of selling your junk car for cash? If so, you might be considering a few different options. You could try selling your junk car to a dealership or a private buyer. Some people opt to go this route. Generally, though, it ends up being a waste of time. ...

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Academic Writing as Trigger for Scientific Development

Students see academic writing as their harshest enemy and frequently forget the actual value such academic activities bring to society and its welfare. Academic research, which subsequently turns into an academic essay or research paper, is the reason the wider majority gets access to some approaches, techniques, and practices which initially represented practice and later became a theory. Thus, each ...

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Communication With No Limitations

Hardly anyone hasn’t heard of such kind of communication as Chatroulette. Some believe video chatting can’t lead to anything more than just an ordinary conversation, while others know cam chat is not only able to help them find new friends, but also change their whole life for the better. An increasing number of girls and guys give preference to video ...

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How To Properly Store Ammunition

It’s always a good idea to stockpile ammo. Not because that’s what so-called ‘crazy doomsday preppers’ do, but rather, because it’s a good idea to have a healthy amount should another severe ammo shortage hit. In 2013, for example, the prices of ammunition skyrocketed and certain calibers such as .22 LR were virtually nowhere to be found. And in the ...

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