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Putting It Into Perspective: Is the Coronavirus Panic Politically Motivated?

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” – Sun-Tzu The coronavirus – or SARS-CoV-2 – is indeed real and it is causing deaths around the world. But while the stock markets are reacting in typical kneejerk fashion, we would be wise to truly understand the threat posed by the virus. When put into context, ...

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12,000 Blood Treatments in China Found to be Contaminated With HIV

One of China’s largest state pharmaceutical companies found the HIV virus in 12,000 units of intravenous immunoglobulin, an immune therapy made with antibodies from blood plasma. The Shanghai Xinxing Pharmaceutical Company, China’s second-biggest medical blood products manufacturer, has notified China’s National Health Commission (NHC) and Shanghai Food and Drug Administration and the entire batch has been recalled. The government has said ...

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How is HIPEC Chemotherapy Helping Mesothelioma Sufferers?

Talk about mesothelioma and you automatically think of a cancer that’s guaranteed to kill fast. Sadly, this has been the reality for most people who have been diagnosed with it. You may even know someone close to you who is one of the 3,000 people diagnosed with mesothelioma every year. But Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) is a new type of ...

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What to Consider before Psychiatric Consultation

Are you considering seeing a psychiatrist? Well, there are a few things you should consider before doing so. 1. We are unable to read your mind. Although mind reading would be useful and make our job much easier, we cannot know what is going on unless you tell us. If you have an issue, you must tell us. Unfortunately, many ...

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What are the Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery?

Over the years, cosmetic surgery is something that has become more and more acceptable. There was once a real stigma attached to these procedures and even celebrities would have work carried out behind closed doors and then deny all knowledge if they were found out. However, things have changed a lot over recent years and these days many people have ...

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Veterans Connect During Night of Bowfishing

Wounded warrior night bow fishing

Catching fish can be challenging, especially with a bow and arrow. Even more difficult is trying to do it at night. Injured veterans discovered that during a recent Wounded Warrior Project outing during which they attempted the unusual outdoor activity. Warriors arrived armed with bows and flood lights in search of Belton Lake fauna, including longnose gar, sunfish, crappie, and ...

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Flyers Progress from Passengers to Freight

More foreigners are complaining about discrimination and Donald Trump hasn’t even taken the oath of office. This time it’s Samoans, which I always thought were New Zealand’s problem, but evidently are ours. The Telegraph reports two businessmen “filed complaints to the US Transportation Department after they were weighed before boarding a flight from Honolulu – and assigned specific seats to ...

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God vs Science – Inside the Clinton White House!

Joe discuss God vs Science can you have both? – Inside the Clinton WH former SS Agent tells what it was like to serve in the WH with the Clintons – a REAL circus! And Bush! – Highlights from 2016 – Tonight’s show will get your blood boiling!

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Lessons NOT learned in 2016!

2016 seemed to be the year that political correctness (PC) was allowed to accelerate faster than a fire in a jet fuel factory. The craziness grew rampant on college campuses with safe spaces, trigger warnings, protests on conservative speakers only, and so much more… just crazy! To prove my point, students at Pomona College campuses were greeted with a sign ...

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  I had the privilege of attending the Thanksgiving Day event at the Claremore Veterans Center this year and was both pleased and impressed with the atmosphere and meal I experienced. There were about a dozen people volunteering in the dining room, people that gave up the bulk of their day to help provide a very pleasant day for men ...

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Why the First Presidential Debate May Decide the Election

With apologies to George Ramos, this year the first presidential debate is the Big Enchilada. Independent voters will finally be tuning in to see both candidates boca–y–boca. This cumulative first impression will probably decide the election. And what will Independents be concerned about? Many are participating in betting pools based on the exact time Hillary will cough, with over–unders on ...

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I Wish My Column Was ‘More Addictive Than Cocaine’

Cocaine is commonly recognized as the baseline for degradation clichés in the US. A product, pastime or vice has made it big when an authority figure compares its addictive power to that of cocaine while warning the public of a looming threat to domestic tranquility. Once a reporter is told something or other is “as addictive as cocaine” the story ...

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The Typo that Bloated a Nation

For decades Americans have been laboring under a misconception that has fueled the growth of Jenny Craig, stretched spandex to the limit and turned people–watching at the mall into a vaguely unsettling experience. Mothers, teachers and motorcycle cops have been lecturing us for years that “haste makes waste.” Meaning rushing through a project, test or municipal speed trap can result ...

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Playing mind games can be healthy

The fact that you experience a “senior moment” now and again doesn’t mean you’re your losing it, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens.  Forgetfulness is part of the aging process. “It’s normal to forget some things, and to become a bit more forgetful as you age.  It’s also normal to worry about forgetting.  What isn’t normal is forgetting too ...

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Why Mr. Ed Gives Better Lifestyle Advice than the Media

Paraphrasing William F. Buckley, I’d rather take lifestyle direction from 200 randomly selected people in the phone book than follow the advice found in the 200 most prominent media outlets. Reporters are fad–conscious professionals at the expense of common sense. If they can identify a trend first, they become media experts and their journalistic prestige — if there is such ...

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