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How Technology Is Changing the College Campus

It is really impossible to keep up along with new innovations and technology nowadays. While that makes it difficult for a consumer looking to utilize the latest gadgets it is changing the world of a college education by providing enhanced multimedia and communication. Technology is continuously changing the whole culture and environment to obtain a college degree and it’s helping ...

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Dirty “American” Justice? Did City of San Francisco Change Key Law During Pending Case to Win $2.5mm from Black landlord -Anne Kihagi?

As Americans, we should never allow the government to play tricks with laws as this would completely endanger our legal system. Yet the City of San Francisco’s behavior is very suspect in this regard – the city changed key law during a pending case that allowed the city to win key aspects and millions. The timing of their sudden change ...

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Artificial Intelligence: A New Step In Video Making

What comes to mind when you think of artificial intelligence? Robots, computer science, and self-driving cars? In fact, “artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines.” In conjunction with video making, AI is seen as an automation process which promises to impact production and distribution process. In other words, making video faster and ...

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Best New Deer Hunting Gear Reviews for 2019

When it comes to hunting wild animals, there are many of you who simply cannot resist the temptation of grabbing your rifle and hunting gear and rushing out to the open fields. Talking about hunting gear, there are several varieties in the market. It is needless to say that without a proper gear, hunting out in the wild may often ...

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3 tips for domestic flights

America isn’t just the greatest superpower on the planet – it’s also the beating heart of Earth, bursting with things to see and do. There’s a good reason why so few Americans don’t have passports. In a land of plenty such as this, they don’t need them. To not have a passport is an act of true patriotism, a symbol ...

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How Essay Writing Tasks Affect the Development of Students’ Creative Thinking

Every school day is another opportunity to improve skills and learn something new. And, for studentы who are still struggling to find their muse in the creative world of literary composition, crafting a top-notch paper can be painstakingly difficult. Skills that go into writing a story, for example, range from being able to think outside the box, ability to imagine ...

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City of SF v. Black Landlord Anne Kihagi is A Modern David vs Goliath, but David’s Hands Are Tied to Steal Millions of Dollars

The City of San Francisco’s case against black landlord Anne Kihagi has been emblematic of the City’s anti-landlord mentality – in fact, it’s served as an intense political scare tactic for every landlord in San Francisco. Ms. Kihagi started buying buildings in San Francisco in 2013. She acquired buildings in great neighborhoods, and by the end of 2014, she had ...

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5 steps to choose the right plumber for your needs

Plumbing is hard work! More than hard work, plumbing requires a certain type of professional expertise. Without proper plumbing, your valued home or office will face difficult days and extra headaches along with the daily hassles that you have to put up with anyway! There are a number of things you must consider before hiring a professional plumbing firm for ...

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Great feel, splendid looks, high durability and no maintenance – What more to expect from artificial lawns

There is nothing like creating a beautiful lawn without spending time and effort in maintaining it. That is where artificial turfs or fake lawns outscore its natural counterpart to become highly popular. Just imagine the pleasure of walking on cool grass on a summer evening as the kids play around the sprinklers and as night descends the stage is set ...

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Latest Results of Football Matches

Now it is much easier to learn the results of events from the world of football and follow the development of events in real time. Choose a website of sports statistics, and you will not miss anything important. This season, the attention of millions of fans is focused on the Italian Serie A, where Cristiano Ronaldo has transferred to during ...

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