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Teenage Smuggler Arrested After Using Mom’s Credit Card To Order Lyft Ride For Illegal Migrants

A 17-year-old Texas man was arrested for smuggling two illegal immigrants, with the help of his mother’s credit card and sister’s Lyft app. Jose Vigil was going to be paid $250 per person to smuggle two illegal migrants past Border Patrol and local law enforcement on April 5, according to local reports. However, the Mission, Texas resident did not have ...

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Burger King Ad Draws Fire For Complaints Of ‘Cultural Insensitivity’

Burger King deleted a video depicting two diners trying to eat a Vietnamese inspired sandwich with chopsticks, drawing fire from critics who say the ad displayed cultural insensitivity. The video clip was posted on the New Zealand Burger King account and showed two caucasian diners awkwardly trying to eat the new Vietnamese Sweet Chilli Tendercrisp burger with gigantic red chopsticks, ...

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Faith Healer for Horses Tells People What is “True”

A reader sent this to me earlier in the week and while I watched it immediately, I just figured that everyone had seen it. Talking with my wife and daughter, I found out that it wasn’t as viral as I had thought, but this is something everyone must see. Lynn and Jamie McGonagill host a YouTube channel together during which ...

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Hollywood Singer Ryan Adams Under Investigation for Sexting Minors

Recently reports have come out saying that singer and songwriter Ryan Adams was under investigation by the FBI for sexting a teenage fan and minor. According to the New York Times, Adams was sexting a fan for 2 years from when she was 14 to 16. FBI agents in New York have begun to investigate the reports that the “Whiskeytown” singer ...

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Yale Students Want Girls Admitted Into Frats To Fix ‘Toxic Sexual Culture’

Three Yale University students sued several fraternities and the school after allegedly getting groped at the all-male groups’ parties. The women demanded that fraternities admit women to help make the environment better. Some questioned the proposed solution of making fraternities co-ed and whether the demands would hold up. Three Yale University students demanded that women be admitted into fraternities to ...

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Suspected Bank Robber Arrested After He Slips On Ice, Sending Cash Flying

A suspected bank robber in Waterville, Maine, was quickly arrested after being taken out by a patch of ice, sending the cash he had allegedly just taken flying through the air Tuesday. “I had just left my shift at Harbor Freight and was sitting in my truck talking to my mother in Pennsylvania and saw money flying everywhere,” Maine resident ...

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Harvard Prof Believes An Alien Spaceship Is Flying By Jupiter

Computer enhanced Jupiter Picture Gerald Eichstadt

A Harvard University professor believes an alien spaceship could be flying by Jupiter despite criticism from other scientists saying the object could be a sort of rock. Avi Loeb, who is also Harvard’s Department of Astronomy Chair, said an object called “‘Oumuamua” could be a “fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth,” according to a research paper published in the Astrophysical Journal ...

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Indian Man Sues Parents For Birthing Him Without His Consent

If the future of India includes people like this one can only imagine the reactions in Islamabad and Beijing. 27-year-old Raphael Samuel from Mumbai, India, is suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent as he says that children shouldn’t be made to suffer. He says unless parents are given consent from an unborn child, then parents ...

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New Jersey To Implement Rain Tax

Many high tax, big government, leftist states in the union have had major financial hardships as in New York tax revenue is declining as concerns grow over troubles in the upcoming budget, and in New Jersey, the state has the worst finances in the union. The financially troubled states have had to come up with new ways to gather more ...

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Jussie Smollett Story Completely Falls Apart but Don’t Expect Media Retractions

‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett was allegedly attacked by 2 racist and homophobic Trump supporters who were reportedly carrying rope and bleach. His story is unraveling. The attackers allegedly tied a noose around Smollett’s neck and poured bleach on him in sub-zero temperatures while he was out getting a sandwich from Subway at 2 a.m. So far, police have been unable to ...

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Westminster Silence As Countless British Girls Subjected To Barbaric Practice of “Breast Ironing”

Not all cultures are equal, and sadly that reality is happening to an astounding 1,000 British girls as they are subjected to the sadistic barbaric sickening act of Breast Ironing, an African practice where, with a hot stone, the breasts are ironed to stop the growth to avoid any sexual advances from men. Workers in heavily migrant neighborhood London, Yorkshire, ...

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Shoplifter Leads Police On 100 MPH Chase While Littering Lingerie On Roads

An Indiana woman allegedly led police on a dangerous high-speed police chase as bras and panties flew out her car’s window Wednesday night. Holly Sansone, 34, allegedly was driving away from police at nearly 100 mph, running through red lights, sideswiping vehicles and almost crashing into a vehicle head-on. She is suspected of robbing a Kohl’s store in Portage, Indiana, according ...

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Some Guy In California Spent Three Hours Licking A Doorbell, And Now The Police Want To Find Him

Police are looking for a man who licked a doorbell at a California home for three hours. The homeowners were not in town at the time of the incident, though their children were present. The bizarre event was caught on the Salinas, California home’s surveillance camera Saturday morning, according to KION. The camera also caught the man relieving himself in front of the house. The ...

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High School Boys Sue Because They’re Not Allowed In All-Female Dance Troupe

Two Minnesota boys sued the state’s high school league, levying discrimination charges over rules barring them from performing on their school’s all-female dance teams. The boys, Zachary Greenwald of Hopkins High School and Dmitri Moua of Roseville High School, sued the Minnesota State High School League, alleging that the state’s rule barring the boys from competing on their respective dance teams is unconstitutional and ...

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