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Actual Headline: Sheep Recognize Obama

Sheep looking up

Under the heading of “you just can’t make this stuff up” AFP released Wednesday a story titled “Baa-rack! Sheep recognise Obama from photo.” Those of us who witnessed the 2008 and 2012 elections saw Obama-worship first hand, but now it has affected actual sheep, not just the figurative version found among Democrats. To be fair to the sheep, they were trained ...

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Customer’s Amazon Order Contains a BONUS: 65 Pounds of Marijuana

Despite the leftist politics of its Trump hating CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon is still a great choice when you need something quick, cheap and don’t want to deal with the hassles of shopping at stores. In the case of an Orlando, FL customer, the order came with an unexpected bonus – 65 pounds of weed – that was inside the ...

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National Anthem Singer Kneels at NBA Game Because Black Lives Matter

Fearing that the National Basketball Association would suffer major ratings hit like the NFL, Commissioner Adam Silver announced that players would be required to stand during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner last month. This couldn’t have gone over well in a league that is overwhelmingly comprised of black players and must have been particularly galling to multi-millionaire Trump hater ...

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Liberal Propaganda Goes Off the Rails as Trump Accused of Being a Marxist

What is a frustrated liberal to do when the comparisons of President Donald Trump to Hitler and Stalin become overused and stale to the point of irrelevance? Why not compare him to Karl Marx? That is the outlandish assertion that is being made by former Obama regime official and dyed-in-the-wool American fascist Cass Sunstein is making today in a column ...

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Playboy Magazine to Feature First Transgender Playmate of the Month

The old pervert Hugh Hefner finally took his dirt nap but the soft-core smut magazine that he founded is evolving to appeal to the younger generation. Conscious that just nude women just were so yesterday, the magazine did away with the traditional bosom babes in the buff but quickly flip-flopped when sales took a nosedive but something was needed to ...

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Guess WHO Dropped in to Read to Kids at the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library?

Children at the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in Long Beach, California had a very special visitor over the weekend. A drag queen named Xochi Mochi complete with scary satanic horns regaled the kiddies by reading to them in celebration of LGBTQ History Month. Many parents, as well as local conservatives, were upset by children being exposed to this kind of ...

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No Surprise Here! Hanoi Jane STILL Hates America

Celebrity leftist fanatic Jane Fonda has made it clear how much that she rejects the decision of the electorate that crushed Hillary Clinton like a cockroach and is an outspoken critic of President Trump. The 79-year-old actress who earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane” when she consorted with the Viet Cong by appearing in enemy propaganda while American troops were being ...

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Former Player Claims NFL Protests are ALSO About Gender Pay Gap

Whatever it was that false prophet Colin Kaepernick originally intended to express through his protest of the national anthem last season, it has now evolved to include a vast litany of grievances. The militant former San Francisco 49ers quarterback made it clear that he was taking a knee to show dissatisfaction with the flag, the country, and the police, sentiments ...

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Nine-Year-Old Child Crushed After 325-Pound Adult Sits on Her as Punishment

In another one of those stories that show that truth is stranger than fiction, a Florida woman has been arrested for murdering her nine-year-old cousin by sitting on her. The death occurred when 64-year-old Veronica Green Posey – who is morbidly obese  – was in the process of disciplining 9-year-old Dericka Lindsay and decided that it would be a good ...

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Saints Players Booed for Kneeling During Tribute to Slain New Orleans Cop

Fans at the Mercedes Benz Superdome for Sunday’s game between the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions were treated to another show of how little respect that many of the team’s players have for this once great country’s institutions as the NFL protests continue. The very same team that visited London and protested the Star-Spangled Banner while standing for ...

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School District Pulls Classic Literary Work from Eight Grade Lesson Plans

In yet another step down that long, dark path that if followed to its logical conclusion, will result in mass book burnings in America, a Mississippi school district has yanked an enduring work of literature. Harper Lee’s 1960 classic To Kill a Mockingbird was eliminated from 8th grade English lesson plans because someone might get offended due to the use ...

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Kids Need to Beware of Creepy Crawlers When Trying on Halloween Costumes in Stores

With Halloween rapidly approaching, a cautionary warning about trying on costumes in retail stores has been made about the possibility of being exposed to some really creepy critters. Head LICE. That’s right. Those off the shelf hats and masks that your kiddies may be sizing up have likely been similarly tried on by dozens if not hundreds of others. No ...

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Amazon Studios Boss Suspended Over Lewd Proposition to Female Producer

We could be standing on the brink of a great Hollywood shakeout following the exquisite fall from grace of Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein and the ripple effects are only now being felt. Weinstein’s outing as a vile, woman-abusing, adulterous scumbag has laid bare liberal celebrity hypocrisy and the condescending lectures given to the rest of the country by actors, talk-show ...

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NAACP Statement Admits NFL Protests are About Black Hatred of Police

kaepernick taking a knee

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones found himself on the receiving end of the anti-Trump hate machine this week after he told his team that anyone disrespecting the flag during the national anthem would be benched. Jones’s comments set off another round of racial fury from a bunch of people who just can’t let it go that Barack Obama was term-limited. ...

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