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Should parents monitor their children’s social media activity?

(Source: Pixabay/ author: Thomas Ulrich) Technology has become such an integral part of our lives that some parents are worried about their children’s presence on social media. According to the “Children and Parents Media Use and Attitude Report” (2018) children in the UK from ages 11 to 17 spend up to 9 hours a day on social media. These numbers ...

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The Internet as the Boundless Space for Personal Life

Modern technologies and the Internet have facilitated people’s lives. However, in some way, people are being drifted away as most time is spent with a smartphone or PC. How is it possible to meet the love of life when it is even hard to maintain proper relations with family members? It is essential to keep a vital balance between virtual ...

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Summer Holidays in Pittsburgh: 5 Spots to Go by Car

Pennsylvania is a place where fascinating landscapes, plenty of places to relax are wonderfully connected with the history of America. Pittsburgh is one of the most attractive places in the state. This is a wonderful city located in the mid-Atlantic region next to New York. At one time it specialized in the industry, throwing a lot of pollution from its ...

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Green Areas of Los Angeles: 5 Natural Parks for Travelers

(photo by Rafael Amado Deras) Los Angeles is a huge metropolis in the heart of California, which attracts travelers with its stunning luxury, stylish modernity, magnificent beaches, and the choice of entertainments. In addition, those travelers who like nature can also find several places to relax from the bustle of the city and get some fresh air. Here are some ...

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The cultural background of why Ireland is one of the biggest salmon exporters

Whether for fishing, traditional smokehouses, superb salmon dishes, Ireland is king! Its many rivers, lakes, rivers and, of course, the sea that surrounds it promote this national sport and delight fans as well as regulars!Wild salmon, highly valued and coveted, is strongly linked to the country’s history, myths and folklore. But its smoked salmon, coming from breeding is just as ...

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The Most Popular Artists From Florida

Florida is a wondrous place. A tropical paradise for you to relax and enjoy your life. Many famous people come from this area, and among them, you can find some of the most popular artists from Florida. The music scene is amazing, but you can also find many talented painters. After all, what else to expect from a place where ...

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Tips to Grow Your Instagram Business Account

Below are a few tips to help boost your engagement on Instagram after the recent changes. You could also buy real Instagram likes 1. Avoid Bots With is more powerful algorithms, Instagram is now a lot better at separating real users from automated bots. And since using bots is a blatant violation of Instagram’s terms of use, getting caught using ...

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Plagiarism in Your Essay! It’s Important

If you are a student or a writer, you are probably familiar with plagiarism. If not, here’s a quick definition for you. Generally, plagiarism meaning is this – putting forward a piece that includes ideas and information obtained directly from another person’s work without any form of referencing. It is a very serious offense in the world of academics and ...

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Find Freedom Working As A Digital Nomad

Part of what makes us human is our curiosity about the world around us. The spirit of exploration has been the driving force behind many of our biggest discoveries and advancements. Unfortunately, most of us spend our lives reporting to the same job in the same building every day for years at a time. Sitting at a desk staring at ...

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How relevant is keyword density in SEO?

SEO is in a constant state of change. And that brings about changes in keyword usage as well. Before the year 2011, adding a keyword in your Meta Tags and content was the best way to make sure that your website gets good ranks for a set of relevant keywords. It is here that you need to ponder on the ...

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Eco-Friendly Apartment Living Tips

Sustainable living has become a popular topic in the last few years. In an effort to slow down the wear and tear humans are having on the Earth, many people have begun an eco-friendly lifestyle. You’ve heard the saying before; reduce, reuse, recycle. With these tips and tricks, see how apartment dwellers can live more eco-friendly. Reuse and Recycle When ...

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Appy Pie Helps Businesses Take Customer Service to the Next Level With AI

Robust customer service lies at the core of every successful business. With competition getting stiffer by the day across all industries, it’s more important today than ever to find ways to boost customer satisfaction to stand apart from the crowd. Appy Pie helps small businesses achieve this goal with the latest addition to their no code product portfolio. Now, users ...

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6 Pressing Health Issues of Today

We should always make our health a priority, but there are times when it is not that easy. Usually, this is due to the hectic schedule most of us have. However, if we stay informed regarding the most common health problems of today’s society, we may find it easier to avoid them. So, here are six pressing health issues of ...

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Could Diamonds Be A Good Investment?

The global economy has seen many ups and down in the recent years. And its probably the time everyone should start looking for some real investment opportunities in order to hedge against increasing inflation rates and everything else that can ruin their financial life in the blink of an eye. Diamonds have recently become increasingly popular in the investment domain. ...

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A deeper understanding of the meaning of charity: My own charity story

Charity, they say, begins at home. You’ve got to help yourself and those with who you are closely related before extending a helping hand to a person or a group of people facing a calamity, disaster or a shortage in some part of the world. From food, clothing to housing, helping people have access to basic needs is something about ...

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