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STUNNING! Leftist Nutcase Shia LaBeouf is in Trouble Again

When last we checked in on left-wing basket case Shia LaBeouf, he had fled the country after his ridiculous “performance art” anti-Trump protest in New York City was closed down by authorities after he attacked bystanders and he was arrested for assault. Well, now the actor best known for his roles as Indiana Jones’ bastard son in “The Kingdom of ...

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Oregon Tiki Bar Owner Forced to Close Down Over ‘Cultural Appropriation’

The American Taliban is alive and well and running wild in Oregon. The left coast state has been a bastion of anti-Trumpism and liberal lunacy that is only exceeded by its southern neighbor California. In the latest dispatch of intolerance from the front lines of liberal-occupied territory, the owner of a Tiki bar was harassed into having to close down ...

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Naked Man Zapped After Attacking Police with Bug Sprayer

One of the more bizarre incidents of this long, sweltering summer of fear and loathing took place in Houston, TX where police were attacked by a naked man brandishing a long-necked pesticide sprayer. Police responded to a call about an unclothed man dancing and dangling and visibly deranged and the encounter soon turned violent. The 49-year-old man retreated into a ...

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Holiday Weekend Carnage in Chicago With Over One Hundred Shootings

The plague of gang-related gun violence is ongoing in the Windy City as it is being reported that over 100 people were shot over the long holiday weekend. It was a relatively normal weekend as far as carnage goes until an explosion of violence over a 12-hour period on the Fourth of July as the liquor flowed more freely and ...

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Outrageous Law Prevents Visitors from Bringing Flags to Arlington Cemetery

The families of the war dead who were visiting Arlington National Cemetery on the Fourth of July to honor their memories were deprived of one thing thanks to a ridiculous law. The American flag. Bringing A Flag To Arlington Cemetery Can Get You One Year In Jail https://t.co/YrL5xYwJ6T #July4th #FourthOfJuly pic.twitter.com/ysaeRkwWEt — The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) July 4, 2017 Via ...

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Robber Ends Up Wearing a Toe Tag After Messing With the Wrong Old Man

An attempted robbery went badly wrong for the perpetrator when the elderly target turned the tables on him by fighting back with deadly force. The senior citizen quite simply bludgeoned 48-year-old Rodolfo Rosa to death, a heart-warming happy ending that should inspire seniors everywhere to fight back rather than allow themselves to be victimized by thugs. According to reports, the ...

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Roaming Pigs Temporarily Shut Down Busy Texas Interstate

You don’t see something like this every day, pigs roaming free on a section of a busy Texas interstate highway. On Thursday, a fiery accident caused a semi-trailer that was carrying a load of live pigs that collided with two other vehicles including another eighteen-wheeler, to release its four-legged cargo. The resulting chaos led to pigs on the loose and ...

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Man Shot for Dragging Dead “Dog” Behind Him But There’s One Problem

A dispute over a piece of roadkill in rural Washington State ended up with a man being shot over what was mistakenly identified as a dead dog. The unidentified man was dragging the animal several feet behind him on a rope while he was walking along a roadway. Two drivers spotted the man dragging the animal (which they believed was a ...

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PETA Scare Tactic Claims Eating Beef Causes Erectile Dysfunction

The left-wing whackos after at PETA have come up with a new idea to discourage Americans from eating meat. The animal rights activists are trying spread their message that all humans should be vegans despite centuries of history as carnivores and have “erected” a new billboard deep in the heart of beef-loving Texas at a busy transit point in Dallas. ...

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TSA Makes Unusual Discovery in Checked Luggage

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is tasked with policing the nation’s airports to prevent another act of terrorism like 9/11 from happening, it’s a heckuva lot of responsibility. While the agency has become the target of much negative publicity due to the actions of some bad apples in the ranks and mismanagement during the Obama regime, the vast majority of ...

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Couple Violently Attack Georgia Restaurant Owner Over Cold Chicken

A black couple who had ordered food from Qwik Chick near Baxley, Georgia became angry with their order and viciously attacked the restaurant owner and her 15-year-old daughter. The video of the attack shows a morbidly obese man and a much smaller woman physically assaulting Jeanette Norris over cold food and not enough fries. When her daughter tried to intervene, ...

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Democrats Give Six-Figure Job to Crony Judge Too Obese to Climb Stairs to Bench

Democrats in White Plains, New York have provided another fine example of the political corruption and rampant cronyism that their party has come to exemplify. A morbidly obese female judge who has political juice was the benefactor of the exclusively Dem City Council’s decision to pay her off with a primo judicial seat and a six-figure job with great insurance ...

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Grand Theft Avocado: Trio Arrested for Illegal Fruit Trafficking Operation

Authorities in Ventura County, California made the pinch on three men who were accused of running a booming trade in stolen avocados. The trio were employees of Mission Produce and worked at a ripening facility outside of Oxnard where they were pilfering product and selling it at a discount while pocketing the ill-gotten loot. The men were arrested and charged ...

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Latino Church Spooked After Man Shows Up Wearing Fake ICE Jacket

It’s understandable that Latino communities chock full of undocumented immigrants are on edge due to the early success of President Trump’s policy to deport criminal illegal aliens, but nerves were jangled after an apparent prankster played a dirty trick on churchgoers. The incident took place earlier this month in California when an individual – who has been identified as an employee ...

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