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Man Hit in the NUTS by Pepper Gas Projectile at Phoenix Anti-Trump Protest Gets Arrested

The problems continue for a man who was captured in a viral video scrapping with the police during the left’s efforts to incite violence during President Donald Trump’s Tuesday rally in Phoenix. The iconic image of a masked white dude flinging a tear gas canister back at law enforcement officials, stepping back and then being blasted right in the nuts ...

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ESPN Pulls Asian-American Football Announcer from Game Because His Name is Robert Lee

Considering the great national media freak out after the incidents in Charlottesville and the subsequent war on statues, it’s hard to see how we haven’t reached PEAK hysteria yet. These bizarre times of national madness, kept humming along by a corrupt media led by CNN which has shown itself to be sympathetic to domestic terrorist group ANTIFA, are continuing with ...

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Huffington Post Thought These Headlines Were a Good Idea

Huffpost Steve Bannon racist headlines

Someone at HuffPost must be huffing something as they thought these two headlines about Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House were appropriate. Goy, a Jewish name for someone that is not Jewish, is a thinly-veiled inference that Jews are really running things and have picked off another enemy. Is @HuffPost going to make the Protocols of the Elders of ...

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Teen Thug Goes Aaron Judge on Brother’s Head Over a Taco Bell Order

A young man in Alabama decided to go all Aaron Judge on his brother’s head in a dispute over an order from the popular fast food restaurant Taco Bell. 19-year-old Tyler Tarrell Dukes became pissed off that he had to share the food that his sibling had purchased as well as not getting a soda. Dukes engaged in an argument ...

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Nutty Professor to Allow Snowflake Students to Pick Their Own Grades

The latest signal that the liberal occupation of the nation’s college campuses has charted a course destined for “Idiocracy”, a Georgia professor has a novel new idea on how to prevent his precious little snowflakes to avoid being triggered. In an unbelievable report, a University of Georgia business teacher is prepared to allow his students to assign themselves their own ...

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Is Classic Rock Band Journey Headed for a Trump Divorce?

The next big thing for lawyers in America is what are being referred to as “Trump divorces” where once passionate couples saw their relationships wrecked by the divisive, scorched-earth campaign run by the fanatical demagogue Hillary Clinton and the 24/7 media onslaught against President Donald Trump. But it’s not only couples who are being affected and classic rock band Journey’s ...

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Charming Ohio Couple Arrested Over Gruesome Contents of Freezer

In a bizarre tale out of Youngstown, Ohio, a man and his significant other have been arrested on the charge that they were storing the remains of his former girlfriend in a freezer. 31-year-old Arturo Novoa’s girlfriend went missing in mid-February, shortly before his new squeeze 34-year-old Katrina Layton moved in and began using the missing woman’s car, cellphone and ...

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Company to Offer New York Women a Chance to Give $150 Vibrator a Free Test Drive

The same British company that last year sponsored a promotion for New York City men to relieve stress by offering them on-street masturbation booths has another product rollout planned for next weekend. The GuyFi marketing project caused a minor furor on the internet resulting in good publicity for the sex toy company. So much so that Hot Octopuss is welcoming ...

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Facebook Bans Conservative Artist Over This One Cartoon

The Facebook fascists are at it again and have reportedly issued a three-day ban to popular conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison over an epic portrayal of the treacherous, bloodthirsty and petty U.S. Senator John McCain. McCain is being treated as some sort of bipartisan political god after he flew into Washington last week, taking a break from brain cancer treatment to ...

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Chicago Notches Homicide Number 400 and It’s ONLY July

The ongoing mayhem in the mean streets of Chicago may be on the way to a record year in 2017. With the victim toll mounting thanks to gang violence and general thuggish scumbaggery, the Windy City has just had its 400th murder of the year and there are still five months to go. The majority of the dead are gunshot ...

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