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Chicago Hits Magic Number of 500 Murders Over the Weekend With No End in Sight

The race riots in St. Louis may have gotten the lion’s share of attention this weekend but there is another Midwestern city that continues to deal with a thug infestation problem. Chicago shattered the 500-murder mark with still over three months to go and the traditionally desperate times of the holidays rapidly approaching. This weekend’s body count included a pregnant ...

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Radical Feminist Group Claims Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Funds White Supremacy

Yet another completely unhinged economic terror campaign from the militant left has cropped up and this time it’s the radical feminists who have their knickers in a knot. No less an authority than Alice in Wonderland herself once observed “If you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison’ it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later” and that ...

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Chick-fil-A starts sign war with BBQ joint – social media chuckles

Chick-fil-A sign fight

A Mobile, Alabama Chick-fil-A unintentionally started a sign battle recently when it used its street-facing marquee to introduce a new sandwich. Moe’s Bar B Que next door felt the new offering a sort of betrayal and responded with their outdoor sign by pouting about their relationship. “I thought we were friends,” Moe’s wrote, and added “Open Sundays” underneath as a ...

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Liberal Colorado Judge Finds Sex Pervert Identification List Unconstitutional

The Rocky Mountain paradise of Colorado continues to shift leftward towards the degeneracy and moral decay of California as two bastions of liberal lunacy in the western United States. With its trendy legal marijuana shops, transgender friendly laws and fight against the federal government to protect illegal aliens with criminal records, the state is a haven for leftist freaks and ...

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Los Angeles City Council Officially Dumps Columbus Day

Delivering yet another blow to sanity, the city of Los Angeles has officially ended Columbus Day by changing the government holiday to a day to honor indigenous peoples. The liberal-packed L.A. City Council moved the ball downfield in the war on statues and since the city has no Confederate monuments, why not take the lead in striking a blow against ...

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School Bans Students from Wearing ‘Racially Demeaning’ Washington Redskins Attire

Just when you thought that all of the hullabaloo over the nickname of the NFL’s Washington Redskins was over, the liberal thought police at a private school in Maryland have decided to make it into an issue again. Back in June, the Supreme Court ruling found that “offensive” names are free speech and not subject to government discrimination when it ...

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Flaming Leftist Canada Approves Third Gender for Passports

Our great northern neighbor continues to lurch leftward under the leadership of metrosexual Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Canada is now allowing passport applicants to select a third gender when they apply for their travel documents. The once ruggedly traditional country that is the cradle of ice hockey is undergoing a radical social transformation that continues to be cheered by the ...

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Man Hit in the NUTS by Pepper Gas Projectile at Phoenix Anti-Trump Protest Gets Arrested

The problems continue for a man who was captured in a viral video scrapping with the police during the left’s efforts to incite violence during President Donald Trump’s Tuesday rally in Phoenix. The iconic image of a masked white dude flinging a tear gas canister back at law enforcement officials, stepping back and then being blasted right in the nuts ...

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