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Target CEO Suggests President Trump is to Blame for Drop in Business

Mega-retailer Target is experiencing a drop off in sales that are being attributed to fewer Hispanics shopping at the company’s stores. Last week during a conference in Aspen, CO, Target CEO Brian Cornell bemoaned falling profits which he alluded were the fault of President Donald Trump’s tougher stance on illegal immigration. According to a report in Bloomberg Business, Mr. Cornell ...

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Woman Traumatized After Doctor Referred to Her as Aunt Jemima

A Memphis woman is furious at her dermatologist over what she claims was a racially motivated humiliation when he addressed to her as “Aunt Jemima”, the longtime fictional figure that is a brand name for Quaker Oats products including pancake mix and syrup. The woman has said that she was severely traumatized by the references which she believes are racist ...

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Walmart in Damage Control Mode Over Racial Slur in Online Product Description

Retailing colossus Walmart has engaged in rapid damage control after an embarrassing slip was noticed on their website. A product description for a “stretchy weaving net weaving wig cap” included the color selection of “N*gger Brown” as an option, a reference to the most explosive racial pejorative of them all. The description was brought to Walmart’s attention by a Twitter ...

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Is This North Korea? Milo Book Ads Taken Down by D.C. Authorities

The media and the left were unable to successfully shut down the free speech of former Breitbart News iconoclast Milo Yiannopoulos despite every effort to do so. Mr. Yiannopoulos overcame a vicious smear campaign that claimed that he was defending pedophilia and was able to self-publish his book “Dangerous” after Simon and Schuster reneged on their deal under intense pressure ...

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