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Report: Apple Moves User Data To China, Despite Privacy Concerns

  by Eric Lieberman Apple recently gave control of certain user data to a Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator, after moving the information earlier in the year, according to multiple reports. Based off of a social media post published Tuesday by China Telecom, the company has taken charge of Apple’s iCloud system for Chinese users, TechCrunch reports. Before, users in that country had their ...

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10% of U.S. Broadband Households Watch Esports, and 62% Play Video Games at Least One Hour Per Week

New research released Tuesday on the rise of esports, shows that 10% of U.S. broadband households are watching this new form of content. Parks Associates’ new industry report Digital Natives: The Rise of Esports and the 360 Deep Dive Sports vs. Esports: Audience, Spending, and Consumption define esports as professionally or semi-professionally organized competitive video gaming events, including popular gaming titles such as “League of Legends,” ...

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Google Maps Nearly 6x More Popular Than Other Navigation Apps, Says New Survey

Google Maps is almost 6x more popular among smartphone owners than other navigation apps, according to new survey data from The Manifest, a business news and how-to website. Nearly 70% of smartphone owners use Google Maps the most, compared to 12% who use the second-most popular app, Waze. Google Maps’ dominance is attributed to its in-depth data curation and attention to ...

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Facebook still hates Conservatives and Patriots

Conservative commentators Diamond and Silk and a band with a new patriotic song recently felt Facebook’s anti-American bias. The Wes Cook Band released a video for “I Stand for the Flag” which Facebook flagged as political and prevented the band from promoting it. “It has do with a level of political bias that we feel that Facebook has within its ...

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The Power Of The Protesting Employee: Big Tech Companies Are Being Taken Over By Low-Level Workers

Hacking - User -Colin Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0

by Eric Lieberman Employees of powerful tech companies have been speaking out against corporate projects and partnerships, manifesting a trend that may indicate a power shift. Battles between staff and companies are not new. In the mid to late 1800s and the turn of the twentieth century, labor unions became increasingly popular. They were considered a way to collectively advocate ...

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Overwatch: NEW Hero Wrecking Ball Gameplay! – ALL Abilities Breakdown

Overwatch Wrecking Ball gameplay

Overwatch has allowed the release of video showing off their brand new hero – Wrecking Ball. Hammond, the clever hamster controlling a quad-cannon-equipped mech, is a clever tank/off-tank with amazing mobility, a good escape, and some cool abilities: Roll: Convert into a rolling ball that makes Wrecking Ball one of the most mobile tanks Minefield [ultimate] : deploy a field ...

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Picking an Arduino starter kit and some books

Elegoo EL-Kit-003 Uno Project Super Starter Kit

I announced yesterday that my son and I are launching on a “summer of tech” deep learning project using Arduino to sharpen our C programming and electronic circuit building skills. The first step was to pick an Arduino starter kit and some books to help us along our journey. Choosing our Arduino Kit We jumped on to Amazon.com and searched the ...

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Watch: SpaceX launch of CRS-15 to resupply the space station

Spacex Launch Falcon 9 CRS-15

SpaceX is targeting Friday, June 29 for an instantaneous launch of its fifteenth Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-15) at 5:42 a.m. EDT, or 9:42 UTC, from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The Dragon resupply capsule will separate from the Falcon 9 second stage about nine minutes and thirty seconds after liftoff and attach ...

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How to hook your kid on programming and electronics without really trying


Every summer, I challenge my kids with what I call “deep learning” projects. Last year, my son took on the cold war by chronicling the beginning-to-end-history of the iron curtain and my daughter wrote an essay on the life of colonial American women. This year, my son told me he wants to learn to write C programs  – so I ...

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One Tip Will Triple the Chances of Getting Back Your Lost Smartphone this Summer

This summer, Americans should keep a close eye on their prized smartphones. Mobile protection claims data from Asurion, the global tech solutions company, indicates the summer months see more than a 50% jump in smartphone loss and theft. To help arm consumers against this summer surge, Asurion purposefully “lost” smartphones in three major cities across the U.S. to test the ...

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Trump signs third space directive to ensure a safe and secure future in space

Donald Trump signs healthcare executive order 10-12-17

President Donald Trump signed Space Policy Directive – 3 Monday continuing his administration’s focus on space commerce and exploration. Directive 3 orders the creation of a space traffic management framework and the protection of U.S. space assets by cleaning up space junk in orbit. The president signed Directive – 1, which focused on manned flight to the moon, in December ...

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Snapchat Is Introducing A Feature That Lets Users ‘Unsend’ Messages And Pictures

Snapchat icon

  by Kyle Perisic If a Snapchat user accidentally sends an embarrassing, revealing photo, or direct messages the wrong person, the platform is introducing a new feature that would allow users to unsend pictures and messages. The Clear Chats feature allows users to delete messages, pictures and voice chats from users’ Memories to groups and individuals, but it will only ...

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NASA Talking To Private Companies On Taking Over The International Space Station

international space station

  by Tim Pearce NASA is putting together a coalition of private companies that can run the International Space Station as a commercial space lab, The Washington Post reports. The Trump administration plans on ending direct government funding of the ISS by 2025, according to documents uncovered in February. The federal government spends about $3 billion to $4 billion a ...

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