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Penguins Avenge Cheap Shot on Crosby With Big Win Over Capitals

While it must have been tempting for the Pittsburgh Penguins to resort to maximum violence as revenge for the Washington Capitals’ injury of superstar Sidney Crosby, the Pens kept their cool and in doing so won a huge game on Wednesday. The 3-2 victory has the defending champions one game away from advancing to the Eastern conference finals and a ...

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Could ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ Solve Quarterback Woes for Denver Broncos?

The NFL’s Denver Broncos have run into dire straits when it comes to the quarterback spot. Left without a successor after what remained of Peyton Manning retired and replacement in waiting Brock Osweiler threw a snit and left for Houston, the proud franchise has one of the worst quarterback situations in the entire league. Having drafted lanky project Paxton Lynch ...

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Capitals Bounce Back from Near Death Experience, Knock Out Penguins’ Crosby in OT Win

This was to finally be the year that the NHL’s Washington Capitals put to rest all of the past disappointment, playoff flameouts and underachievement. The team was often dominant as it racked up 118 points during the regular season but despite top seeding, struggled to put away the underdog Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round. While the Caps ultimately ...

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Washington Slugger Has Most Potent Offensive Game in 100 + Years as Nats Club Mets 23-5

The early season woes for the New York Mets continue to mount as they were absolutely destroyed by the Washington Nationals on Sunday afternoon by a score of 23-5. While the final tally seems more fitting to an NFL contest between the Giants and Redskins (which still would have been a butt-ugly beating) the Mets set a standard for futility ...

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Did Bad News Bears Blow It With Mitch Trubiski Trade?

On the opening day of this week’s 2017 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears pulled a stunner by trading a king’s ransom in order to move up one pick. The Bears were desperate to land former North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky and may have been played for chumps by the San Francisco 49ers who scored a huge bounty for swapping places ...

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Rising Star Tim Tebow Thrills Columbia Fireflies Fans with Newly Potent Bat

It is beginning to appear that Tim Tebow is on the brink of once again proving the haters wrong. The former NFL quarterback and Florida Gators legend’s attempt to make the transition to baseball was widely mocked and derided as a publicity stunt. Tebow didn’t make the cut with the major-league New York Mets and was assigned to the class ...

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Second Round of NHL Playoffs Set to Open Wednesday

It has often been said that the Stanley Cup is the most difficult trophy to win in all of professional sports. For any team to hoist the massive silver prize upon which is inscribed the names of all previous winning teams, players and coaches they have to survive four rounds and win a total of sixteen games. This grueling death ...

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San Diego State Aztecs Keep Nickname by Barely Beating Back Forced Diversity Fascists

Perhaps one of the most stupid and futile projects undertaken by the unhinged left has been the crusade to bully professional and college sports teams into changing their nicknames if they don’t pass muster with the forced diversity fascists. The more ridiculous efforts have focused on the NFL’s Washington Redskins which during the waning years of the existential hell of ...

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Tennessee Titans’ Fleecing of Rams Pays Off With #5 Overall Draft Pick

Perhaps the biggest winners of this week’s upcoming NFL draft are the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have two first round picks including the fifth overall spot which was presented to them in a trade so lopsided that it might as well have been grand larceny. Looking to make a big splash in the season that they returned to Los Angeles, ...

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Jacksonville Jaguars Look to Escape from NFL Purgatory

When it comes to sports teams that are trapped in an endless limbo of suckitude there are few better examples than the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have suffered through nearly a decade of uncompetitive play, bad drafting and just plain bad luck while serving as a doormat in the AFC South. 2016 was to be the year that Jacksonville ...

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Report: Former NFL Murderer May Have Led Secret Bisexual Double Life

The bizarre saga of former NFL star turned murdering gangster thug Aaron Hernandez has taken another bizarre twist. Only days after the convicted killer hanged himself in prison, a new report is alleging that Hernandez busted a cap into Odin Lloyd aka the Bluntmaster in order to conceal his hidden bisexuality. Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison for the ...

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Minnesota Wild Coach Claims His Was the Best Team, Scoreboard Says Otherwise

You can probably forgive Minnesota Wild coach Bruce Boudreau for living in denial after his NHL team was knocked out of the playoffs on Saturday. After all, the Wild had just completed the best season in their history and had favorable seeding in the playoffs after the Chicago Blackhawks were upset. Only things didn’t go as planned for the Wild ...

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Da Bears Look to Bounce Back With Third Pick in NFL Draft

It’s a good thing for Chicago sports fans that the Cubs finally ended their century old World Series title drought because there was little to cheer for when it came to the once powerful Bears. The Windy City’s NFL team set new standards for rottenness in 2016, posting one of the worst records in the team’s storied history. There were ...

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San Francisco 49ers Look to Distance Themselves from Kaepernick Disaster

The once mighty San Francisco 49ers bottomed out in 2016 with a dismal 2-14 record and were rewarded with the second pick in this Thursday’s NFL draft. It seems like an eternity since the Niners dominated the NFL as opposing defenses were turned into mincemeat by the dynamic duo of Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. But as ...

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The Cleveland Browns Are Now on the Clock in Upcoming NFL Draft

One of the more interesting storylines in the upcoming NFL draft is whether the Cleveland Browns will blow it with their two high first round picks, including the number one overall spot. By virtue of their horrendous 2016 record of 1-15, the Browns won the dubious honor of leading off this week’s draft on Thursday night in Philadelphia. The Browns ...

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