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Team Nickname Activist Faces Charges of Stealing Native American Grant Money

Ever since the beginning of the Barack Obama era, cashing in off of festering racial grievances has been a booming business. Thanks to Barry and his reliance on the exploitation of racial divides for political gain, the nation has been set back decades in race relations. One area that has attracted plenty of profiteers and grifters is the push to ...

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Tennessee Titans 2017 Preview

Few teams were as improved as the Tennessee Titans in 2016. Riding a vastly improved offense, the team posted four more wins than they had in the previous two seasons combined. The primary reason for the Titans resurgence is two-fold. First, they were able to land their franchise quarterback in 2015 in former Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota who continues ...

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Preview

Last year’s 9-7 record was a breakthrough for the forlorn Tampa Bay Buccaneers who had spent years wandering around in NFL purgatory since Super Bowl winning head coach Jon Gruden was given the ax. Despite the idea that Tony Dungy walks on water, Gruden was the man who was finally able to deliver the Bucs to the promised land and ...

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Seattle Seahawks 2017 Preview

For a team that has been as consistently dominant as the Seattle Seahawks, they will likely go down as one of the NFL‘s great disappointments of the last several decades. The Seahawks will forever be haunted for blowing their chance to win back-to-back Super Bowls and establish themselves in the exalted company of repeat champions. Having already won Super Bowl ...

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Sportswriter Suggests Broncos GM John Elway is a Racist for Not Signing Kaepernick

The Colin Kaepernick crusaders have become the ultimate ghouls as they now cross their fingers that an NFL quarterback gets injured so their hero will be sought out as a savior by some desperate team. It’s pretty sick to cheer for someone to blow out a knee to create a job opening but these are not normal people. Having already ...

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San Francisco 49ers 2017 Preview

The rebuilding starts now for a team that is coming off of a stunning five-year death spiral from the Super Bowl to a 2-14 record in a mere five seasons. On February 3, 2013, the San Francisco 49ers dropped a 34–31 decision to the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans, a game that they had a chance to win in the ...

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Ohio Veterans Group to Boycott Cleveland Browns Over National Anthem Protests

The ongoing travesty of multi-millionaire football players choosing to spit on the flag and dishonor our veterans with their silly national anthem protests before NFL games isn’t going over well with many. Around one thousand leftist agitators descended on NFL headquarters in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday to demand that the league give a job to their supreme leader and martyr ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 Preview

This just may be the last hurrah for longtime Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who has been making noises that he wants to retire. With that being said, Pittsburgh needs to finally figure out a way to beat the Patriots or their coming entrapment in NFL purgatory won’t begin after a happy ending. The “Big Ben” era has been very good ...

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Trendsetting San Francisco 49ers Have NFL’s First Lesbian Coach

The NFL’s San Francisco 49ers are looking to bolster their credibility as an inclusive organization this year after the Colin Kaepernick debacle. The team finished with a putrid 2-14 record last year while their famous former quarterback pulled his national anthem stunts, praised Fidel Castro and attracted a media circus on a weekly basis. A common misperception is that the ...

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Philadelphia Eagles 2017 Preview

Last year the Eagles began the post-Chip Kelly era after pulling the plug on the former University of Oregon coach whose tenure in Philly can only be called a debacle. Kelly was hailed as a genius by many in the sports media after he took the Eagles to 10-6 his first year and then followed that up in 2014 with ...

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The Art of Jumping the Shark – ESPN Style

This week ESPN announced that it is was reassigning announcer Robert Lee, who was scheduled to call play by play for the University of Virginia-William & Mary football game on September 2. The reason for the move was, well, we really have no idea. The reason given was so inane, even for the inanely inane ESPN, that there had to ...

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Oakland Raiders 2017 Preview

No NFL team, outside of the Atlanta Falcons, suffered as devastating a loss as the Oakland Raiders last season. With a full head of steam and at least one home playoff game within their grasp, it all went horribly awry one sunny late December afternoon. In a what already looked to be a win against the Indianapolis Colts, Raiders quarterback ...

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First White Player Joins National Anthem Protests on Monday Night Football

The first Monday Night Football game of the preseason is now in the books with the Cleveland Browns prevailing in a 10-6 barnburner against the New York Giants. It wasn’t the action on the field that got the attention but rather that a dozen Browns players took a knee for the national anthem. The NFL seems to be hell-bent on self-destruction ...

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New York Jets 2017 Preview

The New York Jets have faced accusations that a flurry of recent moves to dump players are a sign that they are tanking the upcoming season for a draft pick. Perhaps such accusations would have some real credence if the truth wasn’t that the Jets just plain and simple, suck out loud! Last year’s 5-11 record was a minor miracle, ...

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