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NFL Malcontent Marshawn Lynch Wears Anti-Trump Shirt to Game

One of the mouthiest of all of the NFL malcontents who have been protesting the national anthem in opposition of President Donald Trump removed all doubt as to what the last two weeks that have rocked the NFL are really about. Marshawn Lynch showed up for Sunday’s game between his Oakland Raiders and division rival Denver Broncos wearing a shirt ...

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Minnesota Vikings lose heartbreaker; Detroit Lions Kneel

The Minnesota Vikings suffered a heartbreaking loss to a division rival the Detroit Lions. Their defeat, a 14-7 loss on Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium, might have come with some deadly consequences. The Vikings star rookie running back, Dalvin Cook who was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL draft, went down early in the second half with a ...

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Miami Dolphins Kneelers Crap All Over America on Foreign Soil in London NFL Game

For those keeping an eye on the early overseas game this week as an indicator for whether privileged multimillionaire athletes will continue to protest the flag, the national anthem, and President Trump, the Miami Dolphins have featured the day’s first kneelers. Prior to the 9:30 ET kickoff of the NFL’s showcase game in London, three members of the Dolphins took ...

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LSU Tigers Shocking Homecoming Gag Job Against Troy Shows Team in Freefall

Maybe getting your ass kicked by Alabama every year wasn’t so bad after all. Say what you will about former Louisiana State head coach Les Myles and his inability to develop a consistent offense and quirky decisions but until 2015, he had the Tigers in contention and his teams were a pipeline for talent moving up to the NFL. Myles ...

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Report: Dallas Cowboys Will Stand with Hands Over Hearts for National Anthem

It may be that the anti-Trump fever has broken now that the NFL has been confronted with massive anger from fans after last weekend’s mass national anthem protests. The Dallas Cowboys aka America’s Team were booed on Monday night when owner Jerry Jones joined the players to kneel in protest before the national anthem but stood with arms-intertwined during the ...

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Las Vegas Police Deny NFL’s Michael Bennett Was Racially Profiled as Video Rebuts Player’s Claims

The Las Vegas Police Department on Friday released a video that would appear to debunk NFL national anthem protest ringleader Michael Bennett’s claim that he was racially profiled during an arrest in August. Bennett was in Sin City attending the Mayweather-McGregor title bout and afterward, went to a club where what a call to investigate a possible shooting resulted in ...

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NBA Won’t Allow Kneeling During National Anthem

The NFL’s completely inept mishandling of the national anthem protests that have now shifted into an open resistance against President Trump may have permanently damaged the league but has served as a great example to others on what NOT to do. Like the National Basketball Association which contrary to what some may believe, is not the LeBron James Basketball Association. ...

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Elway or the Highway: Entire Broncos Team to Stand for National Anthem

It appears that the 32 selfish millionaire clowns on the Denver Broncos football team whose focus on protesting against President Trump was more important than showing up to beat a lousy team in Buffalo have received the message loud and clear. The privileged rich football players whose mutiny was headed up by $114.5 million man Von Miller who is paid to ...

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Elway: It’s Time to Take Politics OUT of Football

Denver Broncos President and General Manager John Elway has seen enough after his protest-distracted team lost ugly to the Buffalo Bills in a game that will likely cost them dearly in terms of playoff seeding. The Broncos were riding high after demolishing the Super Bowl favorite Dallas Cowboys 42-17 the prior week but that was before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ...

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Louisiana Lawmaker Proposes Cutting New Orleans Saints Subsidies Over Protests

People in Louisiana absolutely love their Saints. They stuck with them through thick and thin (mostly thin) during decades of horrific play and national mockery. This humble author actually lived outside of New Orleans back in the days when fans would wear bags over their heads when they went to games but still, they were loyal to a fault. There ...

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Dallas Cowboys Booed After Entire Team Takes Knee Before National Anthem

So much for America’s Team. The NFL’s flagship franchise had the brilliant idea to gather together and take a knee BEFORE the rendition of the national anthem last night and to stand with arms linked during the actual playing of the song. The Dallas Cowboys were joined by owner Jerry Jones -a self-promoting horse’s ass –  in their unique variation ...

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Classy NHL Champ Pittsburgh Penguins Will Visit with Trump at White House

Shortly after the entire Pittsburgh Steelers team announced that it would be protesting the national anthem during today’s game at Chicago, the Iron City’s professional hockey franchise confirmed that they would be accepting President Trump’s invitation to the White House. Why? Out of RESPECT for the office. The NHL’s reigning champion, the Pittsburgh Penguins have acknowledged that they would graciously ...

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Rips ‘Divisive’ Trump Over National Anthem Protest Comments

Roger Goodell

Mark your calendars that September 23, 2017, is the day that the National Football League officially committed suicide. The zombie will continue lurching about for a while but make no mistake about it, the NFL is now dead as it previously existed. For it was this morning that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came out and condemned the legitimately elected President of ...

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