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Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons from a Conservative Perspective

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested Ghislaine Maxwell is a sociopath. Jeffrey Epstein was also a sociopath. Sociopaths feel no guilt and don’t commit suicide. If Ghislaine commits suicide, we’ll all know it was murder—just like Epstein’s death was murder. Clearly there are elite forces that do not want her to spill the beans on their illegal sexual activities. She claimed she would ...

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Mt. Faucimore – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Save America- Defund Democrats and Fire Fauci!  Mount Rushmore is under attack. The lying mass media have been trotting out the America haters who claim the great landmark needs to be destroyed. Why? The usual pap—‘racism.’ The men on Mount Rushmore were all great and they played critical roles that made our country great. Cultural Marxism, political correctness and bolshevism be ...

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The Thought Police – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Defund the thought police Since when did social media become the ‘Thought Police?’ It started after Trump was elected president. The Deep State had become accustomed to brainwashing people through their lying mass media. They figured their pre-approved candidate, Hillary Clinton, was a shoe-in. After all, Trump had never held office and we were told ‘historic’ Hillary was far ahead in ...

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