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U.S. embassy in Jerusalem to open in May


The U.S. Department of State said Friday that it would open its new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem in May. “In May, the United States plans to open a new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem,” the State Department said in a statement. “The opening will coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary.” The Embassy will initially be located in the Arnona neighborhood, in a ...

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Hertz joins Enterprise in rental car company hatred of NRA members

Hertz joined the left-wing extremist #BoycottNRA movement Friday when it announced that it was ending its NRA discount program. “We have notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA’s rental car discount program with Hertz,” the company tweeted Friday. We have notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA’s rental car discount program with Hertz. — Hertz (@Hertz) ...

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Enterprise Rent-a-Car doesn’t want NRA members as customers anymore

Enterprise Rent-a-car logo

Enterprise Holdings  Inc., the parent company of rental car companies Enterprise, Alamo and National, announced late Thursday that it was discontinuing its NRA member offers within weeks. “All three of our brands have ended the discount for NRA members,” the company said in a tweet. ” This change will be effective March 26. Thank you again for reaching out.” Thank you ...

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Who’s Behind The ‘Grassroots’ Anti-NRA Campaign?

NONRAMoney tshirt

  by Andrew Kerr Not all is as it seems at the organization behind a nationwide grassroots movement that seeks to make the National Rifle Association “politically radioactive.” Within 24 hours of last Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 dead, gun control activists had concocted No NRA Money, an organization behind a national grassroots pledge campaign ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Not A Single Lawyer Known To Work For Mueller Is A Republican

  by David Sivak None of the 16 lawyers known to work for special counsel Robert Mueller are registered Republicans There are 13 registered Democrats on the investigation and three lawyers with no party affiliation Campaign finance records reveal that 11 lawyers are Democratic donors None of the 16 publicly-confirmed lawyers on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team are registered Republicans, The ...

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Shooting Survivor: CNN wanted me to read their scripted material, refused my question [video]

CNN Broken News

CNN held a town hall Wednesday night to discuss the Parkland, Florida tragedy, but it wasn’t nearly as open and unbiased as the president’s listening session on the same topic. Colton Haab, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student,  said that CNN asked him if he’d like to pose a question at the town hall, but Colton decided not to after ...

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Border Wall Replacement Project Starts Near Downtown Calexico

Border Patrol wall test

CALEXICO, Calif. – Construction of a border wall replacement near downtown Calexico began Wednesday starting the repair of heavily damaged barriers in a critical area of the southern border, according to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. The area of the border wall replacement will be an approximately 2.25-mile section replaced with 30-foot high bollard style wall. The project covers an area ...

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REPORT: MS-13 Made Comeback Through Obama’s Lax Gang Enforcement, Surge Of Unaccompanied Minors

  by Will Racke The vicious transnational gang MS-13 has enjoyed a resurgence across the U.S. thanks in part to reduced enforcement of illegal alien gang members and permissive policies toward resettling unaccompanied teenagers who arrived at the southwest border, according to an analysis released Wednesday. Though it was founded in Los Angles by Salvadoran illegal immigrants, MS-13 today is ...

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Secret Service Respond to Suspicious Vehicle Near White House


The U.S. Secret Service responded to a suspicious vehicle near the White House Wednesday morning. “ALERT: Secret Service Agents and Officers are responding to a suspicious vehicle near 17th street NW,” The Service posted to its Twitter Account. “New Executive Office Building is being evacuated. Road closures are being established and traffic will be impacted.” ALERT: Secret Service Agents and ...

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Pence Had Planned To Meet With North Korea In Secret At The Olympics

  by Ryan Pickrell North Korea reportedly backed out of a secret meeting with Vice President Mike Pence  “North Korea dangled a meeting in hopes of the Vice President softening his message,” according to Pence’s staff Pence hammered the North Koreans for their frequent provocations and human rights atrocities, angering Pyongyang North Korea reportedly offered to meet with Vice President ...

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China Uses The Same Excuse As This CNN Analyst To Censor Social Media

CNN Broken News

  by Ryan Pickrell With fears of Russia soaring to new heights, a CNN national security analyst is employing a classic argument used by the Chinese government to support censorship, arguing that social media sites should be held accountable for the content their users post to protect national security. “Social media firms are aiding and abetting our enemies, providing them ...

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NBC tries, dishonestly, to remove mental illness as factor in school shootings

NBC Nightly News

NBC News published an article Saturday in which they used straw man arguments to remove mental illness as a factor in mass shootings – solidly claiming the throne as the #1 liberal propaganda outlet. In the article, they imply that because only a small percentage of homicides are committed by people diagnosed with a mental illness, there is no correlation ...

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Los Angeles ICE operation results in 212 arrests, 122 notices of inspection

LOS ANGELES – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officers and special agents arrested 212 individuals for violating federal immigration laws and served 122 notices of inspection (NOIs) to businesses in the Los Angeles area of responsibility (AOR) during a five-day targeted operation that ended Thursday. Eighty-eight percent of those arrested were convicted criminals. “Because sanctuary jurisdictions like Los ...

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White House: Dems not serious about DACA or homeland security

Chuck Schumer mad

The White House said Friday that Senate Democrats don’t really want to fix DACA, the immigration system or provide for national security. “Schumer Democrats in the Senate demonstrated again that they are not serious about DACA, they are not serious about immigration reform, and they are not serious about homeland security,” the White House said in a statement. “They filibustered ...

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Air Force Academy First Sergeant Reprimanded For Telling Cadets To Dress Properly

  by Ryan Pickrell Progressive social justice trends appear to be creeping into the Air Force Academy, as an academy first sergeant was reprimanded for instructing cadets to maintain a professional appearance, emails reveal. “Observations made by USAFA [United States Air Force Academy] permanent party members regarding cadet grooming standards have become increasingly unfavorable,” First Sergeant Zachary Parish apparently wrote in ...

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