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Trump Gets Rid Of Another Of Obama’s Bad Ideas

Donald Trump presidential weekly address

The Left is upset with President Donald Trump because he is ending Barack Obama‘s ban on allowing police departments to purchase military-grade weapons from the Department of Defense. It’s almost as though if Obama issued a bad, injurious executive order, that each and all subsequent presidents must worship the edict and no one shall be permitted to rescind it. The ...

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How Must Poor Barack Obama Feel Now?

One has to have compassion for our beleaguered and ill-treated former president Barack Obama for the way events have developed since he left the White House. Under President Donald Trump, many things have improved greatly and in a relatively short period of time. Let’s review a few of the areas where Obama could have done good things, but because of ...

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The Mental Illness of the Destroy Trump Media!!!

I was around during the presidencies of Nixon and Reagan and remember all the criticism from the media on them, but never in all my life have I seen more hate, rage, name calling and mean spiritedness coming at this President from people always speaking out against hate and rage and mean spiritedness. According to them, Trump is incompetent and ...

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Does Texas Deserve Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction?

Houston neighborhood flooded

Kenneth Storey, a visiting professor at the University of Tampa, suggested Tuesday that the water and wind destruction in the Houston area caused by Hurricane Harvey was deserved because Trump was the dominant presidential candidate in Texas in 2016. One wonders when Minnesota and Michigan are expected to be hit by a plague for also putting Trump ahead of Hillary ...

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Was My Vote for Trump a Big Mistake?

The liberal media is intent on making Americans believe that they made a mistake last November by voting for Donald Trump for president. Every time any event related to Trump is reported they apply the most extreme negative slant to what Trump does and says, and it makes one wonder if Americans made a mistake when they cast their vote ...

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Godless leftists using violence to intimidate Christians

GODLESS LEFTISTS USING VIOLENCE TO INTIMIDATE CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS Once again we see the leftists calling conservatives hateful and violent. They are only proving that their name calling is nothing more than projection, projecting their own ways onto their opponents, in order to gain the upper hand in their effort to turn the United States of America from a Republic based ...

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Antifa Strikes Again!! Attacks Peaceful Protestors!!!

Black-clad anarchists on Sunday stormed into what had been a largely peaceful Berkeley protest against hate and attacked at least four people, including the leader of a politically conservative group who canceled an event a day earlier in San Francisco because of fears violence could break out. A group of more than 100 masked Antifa, with shields emblazoned with the ...

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Confederates Fight Back

Let’s face it, pretty much everything the Left does they do to divide the country not unite it. With the crazies running wild again, this time trying to tear down and erase our history, many of them are saying it is to heal and unite the country. Well, as usual, the Left has it all wrong and they are pushing ...

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To Ban Gone With The Wind Is To Go Out Of Your Mind

Seventy-eight years have passed since the making of Gone With The Wind, and the people who preach understanding, acceptance, and diversity now ban a MOVIE that was simply an expression of what actually happened to real people. The movie was tastefully done, unlike the trash that these same liberals produce, such as the movie depicting the assassination of President George ...

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