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Trumpcare=Obamacare Light!!!

  The House passed the new version of repealing and replacing Obamcare on Thursday May 4thincludes individual tax credits and grants for states replacing federal insurance subsidies. While it was met with praise by many I still have my concerns about it and I’m not too sure about this. They should have made it available to the public first before voting ...

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Ivanka Trump’s new book, Women Who Work, is #1 but what’s up with those ratings?

Ivanka Trump Women Who Work book

Ivanka Trump released Women Who Work: Redefining the Rules for Success on Tuesday and it is already an Amazon.com #1 bestseller. So why are the reviews so mediocre? In the “Women & Business” section, Ivanka’s book is at the top. But the book is showing a 3-star rating – why? Customer reviews are widely divided between 5-stars (43%) and 1-stars ...

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Trump: ‘Twitter is a way to circumvent’ the media

Donald trump tweeting

Donald Trump uses social media to get his message out when he feels that traditional media isn’t getting the job done. When asked by reporters about his tweeting on foreign policy, the commander-in-chief said that Twitter is “the way to go.” Donald Trump is besieged by a media that is intent on destroying his presidency. Despite his accomplishments, the media ...

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Offensive – What Isn’t These Days

A while back I wrote an article titled “America Is In The Age Of Stupidity” but I must apologize to America, it seems that not only America is infected by stupidity, but it is also infecting most of the world as well. What I am about to tell you is not fake news, these things are actually happening although it ...

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Pence, a Jawboning Flak-Catcher

Mike Pence

I’m getting tired of a flak-catching Mike Pence stating self-serving, abusive, liberal side of anything coming from congress. On the Rush Limbaugh radio program Tuesday, the VP was introduced by Limbaugh and went directly into a planned and practiced speech about how great the new budget bill is and how it increases, on a bipartisan basis, defense spending, yadda, yadda. But ...

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Hillary is starting a PAC to the dismay of .. everyone

Hillary Clinton

Christiane Amanpour’s softball interview of Hillary Clinton appears to have given the failed presidential candidate all the confidence she needs to start a political action committee despite her party, and everyone else, wishing she would fade away. Liberal talk show host Bill Maher told viewers that he has some advice for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, “just go away.” Democrats have suffered ...

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The Lies And Deceit of the Biased,Left Wing Destroy Trump Media!!!

“Everybody’s shouting which side are you on”-Bob Dylan-Gates of Eden-1968. During the mid 60’s to mid 80’s I had quite a career in what was then true journalism. I was taught to be objective and always get both sides of a story. To be biased was akin to committing a great crime and you were chastised by an editor for ...

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There The Democrats Go Again; Now It’s Wealth Envy

Chuck Schumer

Having worn out their old complaints that President Trump is a racist and a sexist, Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, are moving on. Now they have taken up the banner of wealth envy by loudly and misleadingly expressing their negative opinion on tax reform as proposed by President Trump. Unlike the Democrat’s favorite divisive subjects of race and sex, which ...

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Why conservatives should support Trump’s gas tax increase


President Donald Trump said Monday that he is open to increasing the gas tax as long as the revenues went to funding his infrastructure plan and from a conservative perspective he’s got this one right. Why Taxes ‘Generally’ Stink Conservatives oppose any and every tax increase mostly for good reason, but the ideological position struggles to identify any taxes as ...

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A Government Shut-Down Would Be Going To The Well Once Too Often

Chuck Schumer

If Democrats obstruct Donald Trump’s plans to build a border wall by withholding the money needed to start the project, thereby forcing a government shut-down and blaming Trump’s insistence on building the wall as the reason for the shut-down, the American people who voted for Trump will feel deserted and left stranded by Washington elitists, and would turn on the ...

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Where Are the Moderate Muslims?

PragerU Where are the moderate muslims

After every terrorist attack, politicians and pundits reassure us that the atrocity does not represent the true beliefs of the “moderate Muslim majority.” But how many moderates are there? And what exactly does “moderate” mean? Military instructor and researcher Hussein Aboubakr explains.

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Trump Is Not Ideological – He’s Practical

Most politicians identify themselves based upon an ideology. Occasionally one comes along, however, who defies ideological bounds and self-identifies their political predisposition based upon other factors. Our 45th president, who has never been a politician, yet is one now by virtue of his campaign and subsequent election, is neither a true conservative, nor a true liberal. Political ideologies are comprised ...

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The “Great Political Shift” of 1948: A False Talking Point

BY ALEX PAUL After a good two-month hiatus from publishing articles (thank you, early college program and SAT), I have finally found enough time and energy to craft yet another article. The focus of today is on an argument that was commonly used before the Republicans clinched the 2016 election, and is still one of the “most critical” weapons in ...

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Even Glenn Beck Falls For The Hate-Trump Lies

President Trump weekly address 4-21-17

Glenn Beck recently played an anti-Trump audio clip on his radio program in which Trump is heard making a variety of statements about NAFTA. The president alternately states that he will not renegotiate NAFTA, that he will renegotiate NAFTA, he will walk away from NAFTA, etc. Beck used the recordings, probably packaged by CNN, to indicate that Trump is indecisive. ...

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