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Statism Is Killing Creativity

Missouri Highway patrol give concealed carry info to feds

Originality has never been much of a virtue in politics. Protecting the long-term interests of the state, its officials and its citizens requires stasis. Politics institutionalizes the status quo, preserves the standing order. Regimes that fail to do so form the detritus of history. The novel and untested is a threat in politics; the radically different might provide the solution ...

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2018 Midterms: Democrat Wave?

Weak Republicans

Republicans continue to be outsmarted, out-messaged, and outplayed as both parties get ready for the 2018 mid-term elections, but now at least, they’re admitting it. “Anyone who thinks the House isn’t in play is kidding themselves,” a former GOP aide told The Hill. “The House healthcare bill is full of landmines and the constant White House drama Republicans have to ...

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The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

The Inconvenient Truth about the democratic party prageru

Did you know that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history? Watch as Carol Swain, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, shares the inconvenient history of the Democratic Party.

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IRS Officials Afraid to Testify About Obama/Clinton Corruption

Lois Lerner

An article published last Wednesday said current and former IRS officials are afraid to testify on criminal actions against Tea Party groups because they believe it “could put their lives in danger.” They believe their “safety” takes precedence over the public’s right to know. What arrogance! They are public servants paid to serve ‘We the People’, not to serve some tin-horn ...

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Picking Joe Lieberman as FBI Director Would Be Epic Mistake for Trump

Given the ferocious daily attacks on President Trump and his administration by Democrats and the opposition media it is of no small wonder that the job of FBI Director is not enticing to many. At last count, four prospective replacements for fired James Comey have decided that they don’t want the job nor the burden of dealing with demands from ...

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The Lefts’ Love Affair With Terrorists

Free Oscar Rivera

This past week Puerto Rico nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera was freed from house arrest after serving 35 years in prison. He was considered a top leader of the Armed Forces of National Liberation, or FALN, an ultranationalist Puerto Rican group that claimed responsibility for more than 100 bombings at government buildings, department stores, banks and restaurants in New York, Chicago, ...

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Politicians Do Not Have Solutions

The well of the American political imagination has run dry. There is not a single novel proposal being seriously pushed by any elected official in regards to any of the exigent crises which face the nation. Old, tired ideas that obviously had no merit the first time they were proposed and implemented, elsewise the issues they were designed to settle ...

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Donald Trump vs. The Swamp

The forces arrayed against President Trump are legion, and they seem to be gaining ground by the day. Some of their success is clearly due to faux pas of the newly minted president, but most of it is propagandistic and ostensibly viable due to the sheer volume of vitriolic assaults. Consequently, some is well deserved, but most is not. But ...

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The Left is Killing Its Own Movement

Liberal Intolerance

The left in the U.S. would “go so far as to cannibalize their own movement” in hopes of winning the hearts and minds of American voters. When asked just how far the left would go to “win”, President of the Association of Mature American Citizens Dan Weber said, “They’ll go so far as to cannibalize their own movement.”  That’s how ...

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Democrats Are In The Process Of Defeating Themselves

Robert Mueller

So now the Democrats have the special council they demanded to investigate the numerous lies about Trump and Russia, and one suspects that they may have been too clever for their own good. Have they never heard the phrase: “Be careful what you ask for”? Once this new investigative council gets rolling one would not be surprised if he found ...

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Where’s The Crime?

There is no doubt that the Democratic Party has gone off the rails. Ever since Trump won the election, Democrats have gotten Trump Derangement Syndrome. Day after day I watch in disbelief how Democrat after Democrat gets crazier and crazier, they are still in denial that their candidate lost. It is safe to say that they have become deranged. Impeach, ...

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Where Was The Fear Of Russia During Democrat Administrations?


From The New York Times’ reporter Walter Duranty to Ted Kennedy, to Barack Obama, America’s leftists have cozied up to the Russian Soviets and undermined American security for the last 70 years. One recalls seeing President Obama secretly recorded while begging the Russian Prime Minister to in turn beg Russian President Vladimir Putin, to allow Obama time to get re-elected ...

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