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News Flash: Men Cannot Have Babies!

There isn’t a day that goes by when I wakeup and hear some ridiculous news story, this one is a pip. “A transgender man and his husband recently welcomed a healthy baby boy into their family in Portland, Oregon.” The story went on to say that a man who was born a woman gave birth to a baby boy; the ...

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Amazon’s Reparations Themed Series ‘Black America’ is Dangerously Inflammatory

Amazon has a new series in the works that is as controversial as it is dangerous. Not only are Democrats and the media thriving on racial animosity but it has now become a booming business in the world of entertainment. The Jeff Bezos empire – which includes the viciously anti-Trump fake news sheet the Washington Post – believes that their ...

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Media In Chaos, Not Trump Administration

So far Donald Trump is accomplishing more than any other president in the shortest amount of time, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to the abusive, biased, destroy Trump at all costs mainstream media. There are five forces out to get him that he is fighting against. They are: The Deep State which is constantly leaking information to take ...

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Rogue Special Counsel Continues to Load Up With Partisan Hacks

Robert Mueller

Designated Deep State Trump slayer Robert Mueller continues to load his rapidly expanding fishing expedition into the president’s life with partisans that have records of being friendly to Democrats. The special counsel and best buddy of fired FBI Director James Comey continues to operate with impunity as the man who will finally nail President Trump with charges that result in ...

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The War On Cars [video]

war on Cars

There is a war against cars in America. Regulators want Americans out of cars and onto trains, buses, and bicycles. Why? Because of what cars represent — freedom. Automotive expert Lauren Fix (“The Car Coach”) explains.

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ANTIFA Group ‘Redneck Revolt’ Has Training Manual for Violent Revolution

Violent leftist groups have found fertile ground to take root in the United States after the election of President Donald Trump. Democrats have turned a blind eye to black-clad hooligans roughing up Trump supporters like Nazis or Stalinists and they are continuing to proliferate nationally. The worst is ANTIFA which dresses in black and claims to be anti-fascist despite their ...

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Putin Kicks 755 Americans Out Of Russia

Donald Trump speaks on MS-13 to law enforcement

Russia will eject 755 American diplomats from the Russian Federation. I suppose that by Tuesday morning CNN and Chuck Schumer will begin blasting Donald Trump for being unpresidential by shooting his mouth off about some issue and offending Vladimir Putin to the extent that Putin has ordered the ouster of the diplomats. CNN has breathlessly awaited this moment so they ...

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Kooky California Democrat Claims New Chief of Staff Will Militarize White House

Maxine Waters may have cornered the market on batshit crazy but she is hardly the only flaming leftist nutcase in the Democratic party. The termination of Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff on Friday and immediate appointment of former Marine Corps General John Kelly as his replacement has the loonies howling at the moon. One of them, a ...

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California Learns The Hard Way

There was an old saying, “So goes California, so goes the Nation.” Maybe that was true at one time, but from where I sit, that state is on its way to collapsing. There is no doubt that the once great state has moved far to the left of mainstream America. Jerry Brown, the Governor, is pushing that state into bankruptcy ...

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To See No Evil and Hear No Evil is to Encourage Evil

Lynch and Comey

In 2008, an author named Tom Rob Smith published Child 44 which detailed the total bankruptcy of the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin as a series of crimes against children went uninvestigated and unmentioned. The party line under Stalin was that only capitalist states had a problem with crime and that Communist Russia was completely free of crime because the ...

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Pack Your Bags Fatso: Michael Moore Refuses to Live in a Country Where Trump is President

Unhinged liberal propagandist and self-styled resistance leader Michael Moore continues his jihad against the legitimately elected President of the United States. One of the left’s biggest hypocrites (literally), the porcine Moore oozed into a chair on one of the sets of the late-night talk shows that have become the Democratic party’s useful tools to poison the minds of their armies ...

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What Has Trump Accomplished in First Six Months?

Donald Trump south lawn American Legion Boys and Girls Nation-2

If one only feeds at the informational troughs of the mainstream media, one might assume the only thing our 45th President has done during his first six months is make controversial tweets and buck allegations of Russian “collusion.” Neither of those affects the average American, but much of what he has accomplished or set in motion does, or will. Space ...

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Repeal of Obamacare is dead; up next: Fix Obamacare

What's Left

In an epic establishment GOP failure, repeal of Obamacare is gone. For the next 14 months, Republicans will promote the repair of Obama’s failing health care law exactly as Democrats have demanded for months and failed to do for years. Families struggling under the weight of massive premium increases and astronomical deductibles will get no relief, but politicians will improve ...

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Treacherous McCain Throws in With Democrats to Save Obamacare

It was John McCain’s triumphant moment as well as a piece of revenge served up piping hot against his greatest enemy, President Donald Trump. Shortly after seeing that the Senate put the finishing touches on a Russian sanctions bill with a veto-proof majority, the cancer stricken senator cast the deciding vote that sank the partial repeal of Barack Obama’s signature ...

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