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California Threatens To Stop Payments Of Funds To Washington; Trump Quaking In His Boots

President Donald Trump makes first weekly address 01-28-2017

According to a recent article attributed to San Francisco CBS station, KPIX, the liberal Democrat leadership in California is planning to go Donald Trump one better if he follows up on his threat (one hopes it’s a promise and not just a threat) to withhold federal money from the law-breaking states which have sanctuary cities coddling and protecting illegal alien ...

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Trump’s First Week Reversing Obama Policies

“The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action,” the new U.S. President, Donald J. Trump, said in his inaugural address. And true to his word, his actions during his first week of office have been conducted at break-neck speed. While not everyone may agree with what he’s doing, he certainly can’t be accused of resting on his electoral laurels. ...

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Hillary Rodham Clinton Might be Running for POTUS in 2020

BY ALEX PAUL Ever since the election that ruined her prospects of destroying our country, Hillary Clinton has gone into hiding.  From public appearances to media reports, next to nothing has been announced about her. Well, everyone, I have some troubling revelations. Not only is she planning on creating her own left-wing TV show, but evidence indicates that she’s going ...

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Grievances of a Collapsed Empire, Part 1: Denial

BY ALEX PAUL As we all know, the Liberal reign of terror was halted on November 9 when Donald Trump managed to clinch a win for the Republicans, quite literally saving us at the last second. Since then, the Left has been screaming, shouting, protesting, crying, blubbering, and rioting, among other immature actions. In the months following, however, I’ve noticed ...

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Democrats Lost The Election, Now Rage Against Trump With Domestic Terrorism

Press Briefing

With threats like “blow up the White House” and actions like setting fires and breaking windows of businesses, the Democrats are taking to the streets following their loss in the latest presidential election, and they’re thumbing their noses at the citizens who voted against them in a typical Occupy maneuver taken from nineteen-sixties radicals, who are now close pals and ...

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Senate Committee Approves Tillerson for Secretary of State

Rex Tillerson

In a party line vote on Monday night, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The panel voted 11-10 to approve Tillerson with all votes for Rex coming from Republicans and all votes against coming from Democrats and Tillerson should have no trouble getting approved by the full senate which is dominated ...

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House Budget Chair: Repeal is ‘Rescue plan to stop the bleeding’

Diane Black

In an Op-ed on Monday, interim House Budget Committee Chair Diane Black (R-TN) used the tragic failing of Obamacare in Tennessee to illustrate why the repeal of the failed Affordable Care Act is absolutely critical. In 2013, 28,000 Tennesseans lost their insurance coverage in a single day when a state program called “CoverTN” lapsed after the Obama administration decreed that it ...

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President Trump Ends Funding for International Abortion Groups

Trump signs executive order

President Donald Trump signed three executive orders on Monday one of which ended funding for foreign groups that promote abortion. The executive order ends the use of federal funds for international abortion organizations such as International Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International. The policy was originally put in place by Ronald Reagan and has been dubbed the “Mexico City Policy.” ...

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White House Announces Withdrawal from TPP and Renegotiation of NAFTA

In a statement posted on the White House website, President Trump’s administration seems ready to live up to his promises on trade deals starting immediately. The announcement states that America will be withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and requesting that the members of NAFTA renegotiate the terms of that agreement or the U.S.A. will withdraw from that agreement as well. ...

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Presidents change, but legacies remain: conflict in peaceful power transitions

With very little regard for partisan loyalties that play into the frenetic turnover between old and new presidential administrations, American citizens seem to inherently recognize the nation’s roughly two centuries of peaceful and regular transitions of power as something to be lauded. And rightly so. The ability of former rivals, in the electorate and the polity, to shrug off the ...

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See The Democratic Party In Action

The above picture was taken during the 1924 Democratic Convention. It was also known as “Klanbake.” In Madison Square Garden, New York City, from June 24 to July 9, a dispute during came up revolving around an attempt by non-Klan delegates, led by Forney Johnston of Alabama, to condemn the organization for its violence in the Democratic Party’s platform. But Klan delegates defeated ...

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January 20, The Day I have Been Waiting For

Presidential Inauguration

Every year we celebrate on the 20th of January because it’s my daughters’ birthday, but this year January 20th will be extra special. On top of my daughters birthday we will be celebrating getting rid of one of the worst presidents ever and ushering in who might be one of our greatest presidents ever. We leave behind a president who ...

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WATCH: Stephen A Smith Calls For Respect For Donald Trump

Stephen A. Smith explains why Marc Lamont Hill was wrong and Steve Harvey was right

While CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill decided to deride Steve Harvey for talking to the next President of the United States, ESPN’s Stephen Smith explains why Hill and the Democrats walking away from the inauguration are all .. dead .. wrong. It is important to talk to those that disagree with us. It helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of ...

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