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Review: Happy Together Tour 2019

I’ve just returned from seeing this year’s Happy Together Tour featuring The Cowsills, The Classics 1V, The Buckinghams, Gary Puckett, Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night, and Mark Volman of The Turtles and their regular Happy Together back-up band. Normally Howard Kaylan of the Turtles is with his partner Mark Volman but for the last two years now Howard has ...

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Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Joins CNN

Former Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced his new position as a CNN commentator Wednesday on Twitter. “Super excited to be joining @CNN as a commentator. Start tomorrow night — talking politics and the economy. Will be MUST WATCH TV. Game on!” McAuliffe tweeted. In a later Wednesday tweet linking to his CNN op-ed, “What voters really care about isn’t ...

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Review: Godzilla: King of The Monsters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is not your ordinary Godzilla movie but rather a sequel to 2014’s Godzilla and touches of 2017’s Kong: Skull Island. Fans of the Godzilla franchise will recognize all your favorite monsters: Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah the three-headed monster only meaner, badder, more ferocious looking and more gratuitous than you are used to seeing them. Monarch, ...

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Game Review: Rise of Industry – Review and Tips

Rise of Industry is probably one of the best city simulators to hit the market in quite awhile. Not because it excels at fire stations, subways or residential buildings, but precisely because it pays no attention to any of those things. RoI focuses on the supply chain and logistics that a mega-company needs to grow … profits. You can’t make ...

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Why is Obesity Affecting People in Rural Areas More?

(Image source: Pixabay | Image author: Joenomias) Obesity is an epidemic that is affecting countries worldwide. From obesity in children to adults suffering from weight problems, the issue is affecting many people. But what group of people are most at risk of obesity? In Canada, 34% of adults are considered to be overweight and 27% adults are considered to be ...

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The healthiest ways to cook according to science

Eating healthily isn’t always easy, but it has been proven to have many health benefits, for instance some foods can help fight cancer. Whilst other foods can help to boost your immune system and help fight fatigue. But it isn’t all about the foods that we are consuming. The ways in which we cook food and the quantity that we ...

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Netflix Continues Production In Egypt, Where Abortion Is Illegal, While Considering Georgia Boycott Over ‘Heartbeat’ Bill

Netflix plans to step up production in the Middle East, notably Jordan and Egypt, where abortion is illegal, after mulling a company boycott in Georgia on account of the “heartbeat” abortion bill. Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, stated, Tuesday, that the company would “rethink” its Georgia investments if the “heartbeat” abortion bill takes effect. Netflix’s expressed reluctance to produce ...

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Netflix Says It Will ‘Rethink’ Georgia Investments If ‘Heartbeat Bill’ Takes Effect

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, told Variety that Netflix will “rethink” their “entire investment in Georgia.” Many major Hollywood studios have remained silent on the matter of Georgia abortion legislation. An MPAA spokesperson told TheDCNF in a statement that “The outcome in Georgia will also be determined through the legal process. We will continue to monitor developments.” Netflix’s chief ...

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Belgian Monks Start Brewing Beer Again 200 Years Later After France Ransacked Their Abbey

Belgian monks from Grimbergen abbey plan to rebuild their brewery destroyed over 200 years ago and once again begin producing beer. Local councils in Belgium approved the plan to rebuild the brewery on Monday, according to Reuters. These Belgian monks produced beer from their brewery in Grimbergen since the 13th century, but the brewery was smashed by French troops in ...

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President Trump to Appear on ‘The Next Revolution’ with Steve Hilton this Weekend

FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Steve Hilton will present an interview with President Donald Trump on his program The Next Revolution on Sunday, May 19that 9PM/ET. During the interview which will focus on policy, Trump will discuss his stance on China and trade, as well as the economy, immigration and the 2020 election. This will mark Hilton’s first interview with the President. ...

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10 Most Popular U.S. Summer Destinations

Orlando and Las Vegas top a newly released report on the most popular Summer destinations in the United States for 2019. TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site, today announced its 2019 Summer Vacation Value Report, highlighting the 10 most popular U.S. destinations for this summer, based on hotel booking interest from U.S. travelers. Despite that these destinations are the ultimate ...

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Review: The Illusionists – Live from Broadway

The Illusionists are a group of six magicians and daredevils that are appearing live on Broadway and touring spots around the country. I happened to see them in Englewood, N.J at the Bergen Performing Arts Center Wednesday night. There are different sets of illusionists at different times too. Although they are all very good and extremely entertaining, most of their ...

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STUDY: Daycare May Lower Your Child’s IQ, Especially If You’re Rich

A 2019 study reveals not only that daycare lowers children’s IQ levels but also suggests that daycare is most damaging to children from wealthy families. The study, performed by researchers Margherita For, Andrea Ichino, and Giulio Zanella in Italy’s affluent city of Bologna, examined the effects of daycare on children aged 8 to 14 in “relatively affluent” families with two ...

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Doo Wop Spectacular Featuring Kenny Vance and the Planatones in Englewood,N.J.

I recently had the privilege of seeing the Doo Wop Spectacular at the John Harms Theater in Englewood, N.J. near where I live and it was a very good and entertaining show. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term “ Doo Wop” it originated back in the 50’s when a small group of friends would ...

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